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This week, on the Internet

It’s late. You’re up. The year is almost over and there are lots of bits of media recapping the entire year. This will not be a bit of media recapping the entire year. Instead, here are some links that I discovered this week, and you will definitely find at least one of them interesting and you should tell me which one in the comments.

Duolingo:┬áThis is a website that a bunch of people already know about, and more people should learn about because it may make you feel better about procrastination. You’re not procrastinating on this website, you see, no, you’re reviewing AP French.

This is a NASA page discussing the hexagonal storm on Saturn that scientists have studied. There’s a gif with some recent high-resolution shots, and it’s pretty pretty looking.

Here‘s an article about the intersection between Katniss and JLaw. It elicited lots of passions on my Facebook wall. Not as much as this article might, though.

If you’re curious about quiz-things, here’s a sort of not legit but maybe online US.. citizenship quiz.

And finally, this is a chart of how to make vegetables cooked. Useful charts are useful.

This is a video of a spider.



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