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The struggs of course evals

We all hate course evals. There is no way around them. But why does it have to be this way? I find that we spend the entire semester writing theoretical course evals in our heads. Really, how many times have you ranted about how much better a class would be if you were in charge? Complaining about/imitating  professors is a time-honored past time.

Course evals really shouldn’t be a big deal. You’re just filling in bubbles and writing a few dingy sentences about your professor. But for some reason, course evals are such a struggle, And here’s why.

1. They take so much longer than you thought

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Since this week is just all the papers, you’ll set aside 20 minutes to do a course eval as a brain break but no they always end up just taking 12 years. While professors probably don’t read them, there’s some part of me that just feels the need to do a good job. I just don’t want the sorry kid taking the class next year to go through the same struggs that I did.

2. The one that leaves you speechless


Every year I have one class where I actually have nothing to say. There are no improvements. The class wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t terrible. There is literally no way I could think of to improve this course. Just let me be alone with my chocolate and finals wallowing.

3. How about their timing


Really course evals come out at the worst possible time. This week everyone has some kind of paper or giant assignment in all of thier classes. AND NOW WE HAVE TO DO THIS, TOO?! I know it makes sense that it’s at the end of the semester…it’s the only time they could do it…but…but noooo.

While I could continue about all the struggs of course evals, reading this post about course evals is really just making you procrastinate filling out your course evals, which also serves as procrastination for doing your real work. Woah, meta.

So as a parting statement I leave you this GIF. Because if you didn’t get it already, this is how course evals make me feel.




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