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#TBT: Spectrum’s top 10 of 2013

It is nearing that time, we fear. Daily content on Spectrum will commence limited production as us bloggers commence Netflix finals season.  As the final 1:11 of 2013, we compiled the top 10 most popular posts on Spectrum over the year. Here they are, in all their glory.

(And yes, let’s pretend it’s Thursday so the #tbt thing will work. Just go with it.)

1. “Status generator takes over Facebook”

The best of all those “what would I say” statuses (stati?). For more, check out our interview with the creators, who are alums of yours truly.

2. “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to play Bacchanal” 

Remember that time? Oh yeah, it’s casual. Here’s proof that it actually happened. For more, check out our interview with “fountain girl.” For those of you who weren’t there, one girl somehow managed to climb into one of the fountains at Low and was romping around. ‘Twas quite a sight.

3. “WKCR compiles tweets from Columbia football players”

This was a huge scandal toward the end of last spring. Almost every reading week some big scandal erupts on campus. Check out our predictions of what the scandal will be this year.

4. “I’m a virgin, do I need to disclose that to him?”

Really interesting advice and commentary about the shame people feel about being a virgin. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that, people! Sex positivity is about being respectful of both ends of that spectrum. For more, check out Laura Hunter-Thomas’ sex column.

5. “Lit Hum instructor gave passage ID info to students before final exam”

Yet another scandal that happened toward the end of last semester. I guess the nice weather got to everyone (is that a thing?).

6. “Columbia releases this year’s award winners and honorees”

I guess people just like to hate read be genuinely happy for their smart and capable peers.

7. “NYU student visits Columbia and finds Starbucks and Lerner not quite the East Village”

The student compared Morningside Heights to a neutered dog. This is a must-read.

8. “Class of 2017 essays, leaked by Gawker”

Wait what another scandal at the end of last spring. Really?! Really.

9. “How to survive recruitment from an ex-sorority girl”

This article provoked a heated discussion about sororities on campus. Debate aside, it’s interesting to hear a candid opinion on what it’s like to rush for a sorority.

10. “Orgo Night Liveblog”

Orgo Night from last year—need I say more? Shit went down. Get ready for this year, it’s going to be cray.

So that’s all, folks. It’s been a great year—see you in the ’14!




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