Spectrum | Feb. 7 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Sochi: Standing up for LGBTQ, sitting down on broken toilets

It’s late. You’re up. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

The Best Part: Google responded to the discrimination of the LGTBQ community at the Sochi Olympics with this homepage, while Canada released an ad that was far less subtle. 

Reality Check: The second part of a Bwog series on sexual assault reveals various abuses of students, including an alleged assault from a Consent Educator. Columbia has got to step it up.

A little bird tweeted: Due to excessive, ridiculous, and shocking reports from Sochi visitors about the unpreparedness of the Russians for the Olympics, a new Twitter account has emerged revealing compiled photographic evidence. Hilarity ensues.

The End: French filmmaker Éléonore Pourriat created this short film, called “Oppressed Majority,” where traditional societal roles are reversed and a man is objectified, cat-called, and faces sexism because of his sex. The video is incredible.



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