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Our newest ‘Neuroscience Research and Treatment Center’

As we were sleeping, Lerner was transformed into the “Neuroscience Research and Treatment Center.”

Yup. The meals in Ferris now may or may not be tainted with brainjuice.

Just kidding! The TV show “Black Box” is being filmed here. “The Black Box” is about  neuroscientist Elizabeth Black, played by Kelly Reilly, who battles mental illness (among many other secrets).

Apparently, Columbia prefers to not have filmings during the semester. We at Spec think this one was just too good to be true (read: $$$). The filming has taken over the area around Lerner and neighboring streets.

Here are some pics (more after the jump!):

Taken around 10 a.m. Shira Lerner / Spec

Taken around 10 a.m.
Shira Lerner / Spec

Taken around 5 a.m. Finn Vigeland / Spec

Taken around 5 a.m.
Finn Vigeland / Spec

Before... Finn Vigeland / Spec

Finn Vigeland / Spec

...and after! Emma Finder / Spec

…and after!
Emma Finder / Spec

If you see anything else of note, be sure to let us know at tips@columbiaspectator.com!




  1. anon • December 3, 2013 at 11:47 am • Reply

    They can use the Jerome Greene Science Center next year.

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  2. bzs2104 • December 3, 2013 at 1:53 pm • Reply

    finn you would be still up at 5am

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  3. Lynette brinkman • April 15, 2014 at 2:27 am • Reply

    I applaud you for tackeling a difficult societal shame because no ones really want to deal mental issues the families feel shame and If they are like me a need to see your loved ones with mental health issues survive and thrive the best way to get that accomplished is thru education.i am sure that you will tackle educatuion, along with stress on the families and their great need for education regarding disease , best coping mechanisms etc. also hoping you show the good side of mental illness.people with mental health. Have their challengies but the excell in so many thing such as academia and the arts. They are hypersensitive with their feelings which can make them companionate and emphathetic and at times their tremendous amt of energy can serve them we’ll in a mulitdude of situations

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  4. Lisa • April 22, 2014 at 10:26 am • Reply

    It’s amazing to me that your going to tackle this disorder by attempting to discredit the foremost authority on the subject who sacrificed her career for this disorder. She not only has written the best books to help both people suffering with it but also their families. She also has written most of the applied medical books used today in psychology for treatment of the disorder. ALL while having it, maintaining constant care and involvement in her own treatment, and NOT being allowed to treat patients. What you are obviously leaving out of this show, making it a complete and total farce. Is that no person WITH any sort of mental incapacity that requires constant and consistant medication regulated by a psychiatrist would EVER be allowed to prescribe medication to a patient.
    I’m sure however noble your intent may have began. You will show the extremes of the disorder vividly for effect. No one will ever see the day to day traumas a real person suffering with it battles so that to the outside world it all appears fine. Your show may THINK it’s showing it, how bout showing how a true bipolar person may have to write a list consisting of 5 simple things a person without it takes for granted just to get through 12 hours when they are on the down side of that mania. The list might include shower, dress, eat, take meds, open curtains & try not to sleep, eat dinner, brush teeth, take meds. Go to bed. Sound like fun now? Sound like your family really wants to come check on you or do you think maybe they get tired of it? How many times do ya think a BP person hears get over it, pull yourself up, shake it off. Or worse… Did you take your meds? Yes can’t we just have a bad day like you !
    Highly highly doubt you captured that IN BLACK BOX cause the real thing doesn’t fit in a box, it gets carted around in a big damn trunk with no wheels like the weight it is!

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