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the one eleven

How fast can YOU read War and Peace?

It’s late. You’re up. I’m registering for next semester’s classes tomorrow morning… but I haven’t looked at the bulletin yet. Woops! Here we go!

Columbia in the News:

The effects of The Shaft have officially been felt from coast to coast, as a Los Angeles newspaper reports the story of a CU freshman whose lottery number is 2976.

Columbia also made headlines today for (allegedly) unknowingly playing host to (allegedly) a Russian spy.

Other Schools in the News:

Today was the 100th anniversary of the first ever baseball game at Fenway Park. The teams? Harvard University and the Boston Red Sox.

Actual News:

If you haven’t heard that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion today… well, I hope the rock you live under is at least pretty.

Test Your Skills:

Take this free eReader test to see how long it would take you to read some of the world’s most prolific novels in one sitting. It’s more fun than I just made it sound, I swear!

…and a funny video:

Oh, were you not ready for the Titanic in 3D? That’s too bad, because SUPER 3D IS COMING (with dubstep, of course).




  1. what does • April 10, 2012 at 1:29 am • Reply

    ‘some of the worlds most PROLIFIC novels’ mean? How are novels ‘prolific’?

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    • Darron Kinney STAFF • April 10, 2012 at 2:07 am • Reply

      Major typo! Thanks for call me out on it. Did you enjoy the quiz at least?

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