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Happy ratification of the 21st Amendment day!

André Karwath / wikimedia commons

Hopefully you all got some hot chocolate and/or apple cider at the Tree Lighting Ceremony, but maybe you were doing work instead in anticipation of Lerner Pub tonight. If you decided to forgo one school tradition to partake in this other event, doing extra work for 2 points on your final Lerner Pub, or if you’re anticipating another reason to sip out of a large paper cup of wine while working on your overdue thesis go out later tonight, today may be an important anniversary for you.

On this date in 1933 Prohibition ended and a glorious morning in Depression-Era America began. According to sources Prohibition technically ended on Dec. 15, when the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution officially went into effect, but the amendment was ratified 80 years ago today and President Roosevelt issued a proclamation about it and everything, so if it is your wont tonight may be a good night to celebrate responsibly.

Or you could lament how you were unable to get a free mug at the Tree Lighting.

In any case, remember that even though finals are stressful, please take care of yourself! There are resources on the Columbia Health website  and Nightline peer listeners are available 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. every night.




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