Spectrum | Dec. 2 2:37 pm EST
the love is back

Columbia Admirers is back, but with a twist: Request for respect

epSos.de / flickr

Just last Tuesday, we talked about the death of Columbia Admirers, and what it means for us love-starved Glen Coco wannabes.

Around 2 hours ago, we here at Spectrum found another reason to give thanks this holiday weekend. The return of the much loved, and much derided Columbia Admirers.

CU admirers


But wait, a new account, and a request for respect? The plot thickens…

Dare we say we prompted this rebirth? We’d like to think so.  Either way, this 30-day period of relief from a world (Columbia) without love or well, admiration should prove interesting. The desperation is rolling in and we’re lovin’ it.  We just hope that when the clock strikes 12 (or we enter January), it’s a bloodless, painless transition to the New Year!



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