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midnight breakfast

The morning after: 1 a.m. breakfast

So like many others making their ways out of the fire hazard death trap library post-Orgo, satisfactorily sweaty and satisfied, listening to sweet murmurings that more school entertainment should be full of dick puns, I took a detour to Barnard Hall for my semiannual ice cream and bacon and syrup IV drip.

Even well past midnight this was a good decision.


This year’s theme was “Alice in Wonderland” and there was still chocolate ice cream by the time I got there at 12:43. These happenstances are not related but I would appreciate it if both of these happen again next semester. The decorations are always lovely but I appreciated the whimsy in some color choices this year. Also, normally, by the time Barnard first-years and Barnard as a whole and then the rest of the university that did not attend Orgo Night get their fill of food items, there is not much good food left. This year I gorged myself on an entire plate of tater tots.





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    wow this is great

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