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the quick and dirty

Stop, breathe, read. Here’s how

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Quick and Dirty is an occasional series in which we ask our regular Opinion contributors their thoughts on a particular topic. This week, we asked them to share their thoughts on reading week – that twilight period between the end of classes and the beginning of finals where most Columbians are overworked, overcaffeinated and under-rested. 

Ben Rashkovich, Canon contributor:  I’ve had a tradition, once I’m done or nearly done but with lots of free time, of going into Butler with a friend and watching Netflix or just eating while everyone else studies. Last semester I brought an entire homemade cherry pie and a quart of milk and watched Breaking Bad until like 6 a.m. with my roommate.

Orli Matlow, Blogger:

To the tune of 12 Days of Christmas:

On the last day of classes my true love gave to me:
12 to 15 page paper
11 hours in Butler
10 days till freedom
9 dollars worth of coffee
8th season of Always Sunny unfortunately just released on Netflix
7 courses this semester
6 Luna Bar meals
5 final papers
4 calls from my Mom I had to ignore because I was in the library
3 books I forgot to read
2 in-class exams
And a partridge in a pear tree!

Daniel Garisto, Opinion editor:

Violence inherent in the system
There once was a student with stress
Whose exams had her all in a mess
Looking to study,
It got a bit bloody
When she camped in Butler sans redress.

Daniela Quintanilla, Blogger: Best part of reading week: The best part of reading week is always Orgo Night. My advice to the overworked, over-caffeinated Columbian: Take deep breaths. Buy yourself a treat. And get off of Facebook!

Emma Finder, Opinion editor:    This is actually one of the best times of year to bond. Go on library (friend) dates, make the most of this time with friends before break, commiserate over coffee or soup.



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