Comment Policy

Updated 8/2011

We feel it’s important to balance the impulse to remove all objectionable material against our commitment to free and open discussion and debate. We love comments and don’t love being comment police, but sometimes things get out of hand. When a comment is objectionable, we’ll remove it.

We reserve the right to delete any comment we find offensive, but a few things are particularly likely to get your comment deleted:

  • Libel. Broadly speaking, comments that contain untrue statements about living persons will be deleted.
  • Gratuitous profanity. We won’t delete comments simply because they contain profanities, but comments we deem more profane than substantial will be deleted.
  • Intolerance. Comments that attack a particular racial, ethnic, or religious community will be deleted, as will comments that disparage people of a certain gender or sexual orientation.
  • Self-promotion. Irrelevant comments designed to draw attention to a commenter’s own enterprise will be deleted.

We also reserve the right to put commenters with a history of publishing offensive remarks on “commenting probation.” Commenters “on probation” can still leave comments on Spectrum, but those comments must be approved by one of our editors before they appear on the site.