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Spectrum | Apr. 23 12:07 pm EST
From The Paper

Eurotrip: Columbia edition

Paris Global Center Reid Hall / Courtesy of Columbia University

In today’s paper, staff writer Melissa von Mayrhauser writes that President Bollinger has appointed Paul LeClerc, GSAS ’69 and former president of the New York Public Library, to direct Columbia’s global center in Paris, in place of interim director Victoria de Grazia.

LeClerc has plans for several revisions to the global center:

1. Emphasizing regional awareness. LeClerc hopes that by introducing talks with policy-makers into the program, students at the center will become more aware of economic, social, and demographic issues in Europe.

2. Getting lectures, conferences, and classes held at the Paris center online, which would create a strong Web presence for the center. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 21 1:11 am EST
The One Eleven

Adorable children and teacup pigs ahead

It’s late, you’re up. Can you believe that finals will be over in three weeks?

Actual news:

Uh-oh: Allegations that Columbia has hired sketchy contractors for its Manhattanville project arise. Two Construction, which is one of Columbia’s most important clients, is said to be charged with larceny and falsification of records. Like I said, uh oh.

Higher education struggles: As if finals aren’t enough for us to question if college is worth paying for, NY Times writer David Brooks says that some colleges don’t teach students effectively. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 20 6:01 pm EST
"Indie Synth Pop"

Slam Donahue comes to Brooklyn

Courtesy of

Slam Donahue is a band that “brings and indie edge to synth pop.” If you missed out on their performance last night at the Public Assembly in Brooklyn, you can catch them at “Paradox 420 Fest” tonight or take a look at the video below.


Spectrum | Apr. 20 3:42 pm EST
Varsity Show

The Varsity Show is coming up!

Snapshot from the Varsity Show promo

The Varsity Show will be April 27-April 29. Get your tickets here, and check out the promo:

It’s funny because it’s memes.


Spectrum | Apr. 20 9:16 am EST
Wake-up Call

Maybe we shouldn’t bash Internet Explorer too much…

Jenny Payne / Spec

Good morning! Today from 4-6 p.m., the Federalist will be handing out free pizza, cake, and soda. The Facebook event says, “It’s really free. No strings attached. We promise.” Later at 11:30 p.m., Engineers Without Borders will be Hosting “Pinkberry for Progress.” Make sure you bring a friend!

Read this: Last night, protesters marched through Morningside Heights to raise awareness for “Take Back the Night.” Afterwards, a speak-out was held at Barnard’s gym, where survivors could anonymously tell their stories. [News]

Opinion writer Suzanne Arrington writes that, in addition to awareness, we also need to promote action. [Opinion]

Know this: Six students from the 2012 Class will be traveling aboard as part of the fifth-year fellows program. This program is open to CC, SEAS, and GS students, and it allows students whose schedule did not allow them to go abroad to have the opportunity. [News]

Here’s more: Though he created Internet Explorer, Thomas Reardon, GS ’08, opted to do his work in the computer labs during his years at CU. Reardon reflects on his experiences in General Studies. [News]

Weather: 71-degrees and sunny. Enjoy it while you can, because it’s set to rain for the next few days.


Spectrum | Apr. 17 3:05 pm EST
From The Paper

Are you a SEAS prospie? Get excited!

SEAS is considering a switch to Python/ From Wikimedia Commons

In today’s paper, staff writer Jordan Freisleben writes that the School of Engineering and Applied Science administration is considering changing the language that the programming class SEAS students must complete from Java to Python.

Here are some potential benefits  of the shift that, if approved by all sixteen of the engineering departments, will be implemented toward the Class of 2016′s incoming freshmen.

1. It’s easier: Python is considered to be the more popular and accessible of the two languages. Many who have taken W1004 (Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java) complain that the class is difficult for people who do not have a background in Java. Introducing Python would allow SEAS students to develop some strong basic skills before tackling more difficult programming languages. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 14 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

You too, can be a musician

It’s late, you’re up. Obviously, you can’t sleep because you are so excited to celebrate Holi tomorrow at 11:30 AM in front of Pupin. Obviously.

Real news:

Travon Martin: George Zimmerman, who is charged with the murder of the Florida teen, will be held for another week until his April 20 bail hearing.

So this is my GPA after grade inflation? awk: This NY Times article discusses grade inflation at universities.

Instagram: Sorry if you’re already dead sick of Instagram, but the hype seems to just be getting started.
More »


Orientation | Apr. 13 5:00 pm EST
The One Train

You can pay someone to soak cereal in milk for you

This week, we took the 1 Train down to 86th street to visit the much talked-about Momofuku Milk Bar. After a brief walk to 88th street and Columbus, we had absolutely no problem finding the restaurant. It was very conspicuously advertised:

Sandya Sankarram/spec

Momofuku, from from the outside

Momofuku Milk Bar has the reputation of being overpriced and overrated. Here’s my take: it’s completely overpriced (later, I will explain how I justified buying a jug of milk for $5) but not at all overrated (the recipes are pretty creative). More »


Spectrum | Apr. 13 11:34 am EST

Person hit on Broadway and 114th

Mrinal Mohanka from Spec is reporting that a bicyclist was hit on 114th and Broadway. Please check back for more updates.

Mrinal Mohanka/ Spec

Update (1:05 PM): Seems as if all is back to normal at the intersection.

Update (5:01 PM): The biker has been taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and is in unknown condition. Read more here.


Spectrum | Apr. 13 9:30 am EST
Wake-up call

Sorry to break it to you, but your name isn’t Columbia

Please answer honestly

Good morning everyone! Today, there will be many events on campus, like Delta Sig’s Annual Auction, Morningside Masti, and the Columbia Ballet Collaborative.

Read this: Frats and Sororities on campus have mixed responses toward the Alpha Standards evaluations, whose results were released in February. [News]

Know this: Author of “Freedom” Jonathan Franzen made an appearance in the UWS in support Semiperm’s affordable housing project. [News]

Columbia’s Tennis Team will be playing Yale on Saturday and Brown on Sunday. [Sports]

Here’s more: Senior Jessica Hills reflects on her experiences this Passover. [Opinion]

Freshman Ashley Mendez writes that a person is not defined by the prestige of the university he or she attends. [Opinion]

Weather: 66-degree high and 43-degree low. Is one supposed to dress for hot weather or cold weather today?