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Spectrum | May. 12 1:11 am EST
One Eleven

That strange feeling is freedom

It’s late. You’re up. Finals are over. You can sleep, you can shower, and the world is a whole lot pinker. Feels good, does it?


The 99% rejoices: JPMorgan Chase has announced that it has lost at least $2 billion in a failed hedge fund strategy. Though its stocks have fallen about 9%, JPMorgan is still expected to finish the quarter with a profit.

Obama 2012: Obama’s pro gay marriage stance has secured additional funding from supporters, as well as possibly the suburban vote.

Facebook data use: Facebook plans to give you more info on how it’s using your info.

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Spectrum | May. 5 1:11 am EST
The One Eleven

Commercial airliners lack bedside manners, apparently

It’s late, you’re up. On this Friday night, the only shots you want to do are espresso shots. Also, you wish it were possible to absorb information from textbooks by sleeping on them.


Unemployment: The job market is not growing as fast as it has in previous years, but economists say not to flip out yet.

China: This Economist article explains the impact blind activist Chen Guangcheng will have on the way China is run in the future. More »


Spectrum | May. 4 11:48 pm EST
Honor Society

Phi Beta Kappa honorees revealed

Phi Beta Kappa, which is the nation’s oldest academic honor society, has inducted several seniors. According to Bwog, here are the Spring Columbia College inductees:

A: Shreya Agarwal, Yusuf Ahmad, Lauren Alpert,B: Audrey Baker, Katherine Balkoski, Noelle Bodick,C: Ashley Chin, Dane Cook, Jackson Cooper, Jacob Coppola, Philip Crandall, D: Joseph Daly, Samuel Draxler, Katherine Duh, E: Max Ehrman, F: Daniel Flicker, Elizabeth Foydel, G: Anne Gabriel, Priya Gandhi, Emma Gebert, Jou Glasheen, Erin Glennon, Sophie Gloeckler, Elyssa Goldberg, Felipe Goncalves, H: Perry Hampilos, Mark Hay, Benjamin Henderson, J: Victoria Jackson-Hanen, Alejandro Jinich, Madeleine Joseph, K: Colin Kinniburgh, Samuel Klug, Komal Kothari, Dylan Kotliar, Rafael Krichevsky, Rebecca Kutzer-Rice,L: Jacob Lasser, Cindy Law, Jiwoo Lee, William Leonard, Daniel Leong, Scott Levin, Emelyn Lih, Soo Youn Lim, Jodie Liu, Jordan Lord, Alexandra Lotero, Yin Yin Lu, M: Emma Manson, Katherine Marshall, Keith Miao, Laura Mills, Emilia Monell, N: Siddharth Nair, Michael Newman, Chimno Nnadi,O: Kelly O’Reilly, P: Sofia Pacheco-Fores, Vir Patel, Milesh Patel, Bartlomiej Piela, Lea Pollack, Samuel Preston, R: Jacob Rice, Julian Richers, Isabel Ricker, Kimberly Rubin, S: Usha Sahay, Sara Salzbank, John Sarlitto [full disclosure: !!!], Ian Scheffler, Amanda Schiff, Samuel Schube, Adria Schulman-Eyink, Ruijie Song, Erin Stahmer, Kevin Sun, Waradon Sungnak, T: Natasha Terhorst, V: Daniel Valella, W: Laura Waelbroeck, Yinou Wang, Elaine Wang, Erica Weaver, Fan Wu, Z: Katherine Zee.

Check out Bwog for a full list of the recipients, but careful not to scroll down too much. You might accidentally end up in the comment section.


Spectrum | May. 4 4:18 pm EST
The 1 Train

Adventures in wasting time but not money

This week a friend and I, deciding that we needed a study break, set off for Chinatown in the Lower East Side. Our destination? Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge Street.

How to get there: Take the 1 Train to 59th Street, then D Train to Lafayette Street, followed by a short walk to Eldridge Street. The trip took us about 40 minutes.

Sandya Sankarram/spec

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Spectrum | Apr. 28 1:11 am EST
The One Eleven

Watermelons are chairs

It’s late, you’re up, and you’re thrilled for reading week.


Adoption: This WSJ article details adoption in of children in Ethiopia by American families.

Chen Guangcheng: This Chinese activist, who had a big role in exposing the flaws in China’s family planning laws, has escaped house arrest. Also, the US government may or may not know where he is. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 27 7:01 pm EST
Academy Awards

SoA students win filmmaking awards

A screenshot taken from Bora Kim's "The Recorder Exam"/ Courtesy of Kickstarter

Last night was a big night for student filmmaking on campus as three Columbia University students were selected as regional finalists for the 39th Annual Student Academy Awards.

Christoph Kuschnig, SoA’12, Bora Kim, SoA’11, and Mark Raso, SoA’12, were each honored yesterday during the Region Three Semifinals ceremony at the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International on 59th Street. Kuschnig’s “Hatch,” Kim’s “The Recorder Exam,” and Raso’s “Under” were all screened in the Narrative Films category, followed by the awards announcements and a cocktail reception to celebrate the recipients’ accomplishments. They beat out three other films from students from both Columbia and New York University. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 27 4:31 pm EST
GS Graduation 2012

Former Army chief of staff to be a guest at GS graduation

George W. Casey / Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

In an email sent out earlier this afternoon, GS Assistant Director of Communications Anna O’Sullivan told GS graduates that former Army chief of staff General George W. Casey will be attending the May 13 graduation. In addition to his chief of staff position, Casey also served as commander of coalition forces in Iraq from 2004 to 2007.

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Spectrum | Apr. 27 2:00 pm EST
Charles Rangel

The voices of District 13

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

In today’s paper, Jillian Kumagai, Gina Lee, and Casey Tolan write about Charles Rangel’s bid for US representative in the upcoming election. Read what citizens of District 13 have to say about the candidates in this interactive map, created by former Spectrum Editor Mikey Zhong. Click on the map after the jump to get started. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 27 11:45 am EST
Shuttle Flyover

No, you are not crazy; Yes, that was a space shuttle

Courtesy of CBS News

Around 10:50 AM today, many students noticed an aircraft ferrying a space shuttle flying by campus, and then wondered if finals stress was inducing hallucinations.It turns out that the space shuttle Enterprise, which has been on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum since 2003, is actually being carried atop a larger jumbo jet to New York City today. The Enterprise will be on display at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in Manhattan starting this June.

The museum encouraged people to visit the museum this morning to view the low flyover. The shuttle will then be taken to JFK airport for a private welcoming ceremony. Some quick trivia: Enterprise never made it to space, but it was the first shuttle that NASA designed, and the museum exhibit will feature interactive fun, where vistors can step into the shuttle.

P.S. This song may or may not be pertinent and appropriate.


Spectrum | Apr. 27 9:25 am EST
Wake-up Call

SEAS drama and Urban Dictionary lessons ahead

All is not well between SEAS dean and faculty/ Image courtesy of Columbia Engineering

Good morning Columbia! Just because this semester will soon be ending does not mean that student life is screeching to a halt. Tonight at 8:00 PM in Roone Arledge will be the 118th Annual Varsity Show.

Read this: Months after the fallout between SEAS faculty and Dean Fenionsky Peña-Mora, many SEAS professors insist that the administration’s efforts will not be able to resolve the conflict. One professor says, ““no matter what the structure, the dean is not good for this school.” [News]

Know this: Seniors Emily Tamkin, Hannah D’Apice, Leah Greenbaum, and Hannah Laymon reflect on their experiences at Spec. [Opinion]

Senior Jessica Hills dishes out more Columbia terminology. [Opinion]

Here’s more: U.S. Rep Charles Rangel hopes to win the votes of District 13, despite running against four others. [News]

Weather: A windy and cloudy day, with a 56-degree high and 36-degree low.