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A&E | Oct. 25 6:06 pm EST

I just want to hug all them cats, but I can’t

Illustration by Kelsey Roberts

This weekend’s Internet Cat Festival lead got you jonesing for more? Even if you didn’t make it out, have your own little Cat Festival in your room with the cream of the cats. Below, my cat-lover picks for fabulous felines.

1. Keyboard cat

This little kitty started it all. Although the video is from 1984 and its star, Fatso, died in 1987, the video gained popularity thanks in large part to Stephen Colbert in 2009. Have you seen anything cuter? Or more ridiculous? No. More »


Sports | Sep. 11 5:24 pm EST

I like sports and I don’t care who knows

Spec File Photo

There’s nothing quite like a screaming, excited crowd to get you amped up about something. Especially when it involves football. (Or basketball. Or hockey. Or soccer.)

In my sports column yesterday, I talked about what an amazing opportunity New York offers us in terms of professional sports, and how that can allow us to connect with the city and community around us. But what good are words at proving a point?

In order to show you first-hand (or as first-hand as you can get when it comes to the Internet) how exhilarating it can be, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite live (mostly) sports moments over the past two years. More »


Meta | Sep. 1 12:37 pm EST

Our doors are open

Love writing? Coding? Illustrating? Graphic design? Copy editing? Or are you just wondering how you too can become part of the Spectator?

If you’re interested in joining, attend one of our four open houses! You’ll find out everything you need to know about all of our sections, as well as how to join our business team, which offers a real-world business opportunity while you’re still in college.

Our first open house is today at 4 p.m. in our office, located at 2875 Broadway, between 111th and 112th streets. An informational meeting for our business team will start at 5 p.m.

Check after the jump for our other open house dates. More »


Sports | Nov. 19 1:40 pm EST
season wrapup

Which athletes made an impact this Fall?

David Brann / Spec

The fall season for the Lions has come and gone. This past weekend, football finished its final game of the year at Brown while the men’s cross country came away with a 17th-place finish at Nationals. To close out the fall season, Spectrum decided to highlight some of the top Light Blue athletes. Check out the slideshow here (or click the photo below) to see who made our list. Feel like someone’s missing? Tell us in the comments!

Pete Bohnhof for Spectator


Sports | Nov. 2 1:23 pm EST
slices of history

We go together like football and poetry

Douglas Kessel / Spec

The Light Blue football team heads to Harvard this weekend to take on the defending Ancient Eight champs at 1 p.m. And what better way to prepare for the matchup than to read some alum-written poetry?

Alvin M. Fountain, MA ’71, Ph.D ’76, recently sent Spectrum a couple of poems he penned in the late 80s, during the Lions’ infamous 44-game losing streak. Curious about his backstory, as well as his basis for writing the poetry, Spectrum decided to reach out to Fountain to find out more. More »


Sports | Oct. 19 6:12 pm EST

Homecoming through the years

Spec File Photo

When you’re a current student, it’s really easy to only associate homecoming with football booze, booze, and more booze. And despite how truly awesome booze might be (I wouldn’t know, I’m just a wee lass of 20 years), it completely disregards the importance of welcoming back alumni and examining at old traditions along with the rich history of our school.

Spectator recently launched an awesome way to access our archives—well, a fraction of them. And, to be honest, some parts of our history are pretty cool. Even the ones that involve school spirit (which Columbia once had, evidently) and sports.

Back in 1958, to celebrate Columbia’s 11th annual Homecoming, there was not only a super fancy ball, but also a Homecoming carnival. Apparently, the steep price of $3.75 was enough to drive people away from buying tickets to the carnival and made the idea of bringing a date quite unappealing. More »


Sports | Oct. 16 9:00 pm EST
gangam style

Heyyyyy, sexy Roar-ee

Homecoming is less than a week away and Columbia athletes are quite literally dancing in anticipation. Check out the video below, posted on the ColumbiaSpirit account, of Light Blue athletes going Gangam Style. See if you can spot one of Spectator’s very own Sportscast hosts.

Harvard, you can keep Call Me Maybe.


Sports | Sep. 28 4:34 pm EST
roar lion roar

Hate Princeton? Then head up to Baker Field tomorrow to root against them

Spec File Photo

Columbia football kicks off its Ivy season this Saturday at 12:30 against Princeton at Baker Field. Spectrum checked in with the marching band to see how they felt about our Ivy brothers over in New Jersey. We discovered what everyone pretty much already knows: Jersey sucks.

This week, our Columbia Lions take on Princeton at Baker Athletics Complex. Head coach Pete “the Man” Mangurian has the Lions playing real meat-and-potatoes football, full of tenacious defensive line play and a strong running game.

The Tigers, on the other hand, favor caviar-and-Chardonnay football, full of white privilege and whining to referees. Of course, the Band will be at the game to boost the Light Blue to victory, but we can’t give our boys a home-field advantage all by ourselves.

Here’s a short history lesson why it’s your duty as a Columbian—and an American—to come to the game and cheer your guts out for the Lions.  More »


Sports | Sep. 25 11:19 am EST
good eats

Healthy diets, happy athletes

Rachel Turner / Spec

As I’m sure most of you would agree, eating is awesome. Sometimes, though, eating right in college can be hard. And when you’re an athlete, it can be that much harder.

But recently, a nutritionist and Columbia coaches have started working with athletes to make sure that they get full, balanced meals. Men’s soccer head coach Kevin Anderson in particular makes sure his team is well-fueled  by catering a full meal at V&T’s before each game. Check out the video below to see the men’s soccer team dining before a game and read more about athlete nutrition in a full-length article by Rachel Turner.

Video filmed and edited by Jacqueline Morea.


Sports | Sep. 18 5:17 pm EST
Player Profile

Kofi Agyapong: soccer player by night, artist by day

The men’s soccer team has some interesting characters. Sophomore forward Kofi Agyapong transferred from powerhouse squad Wake Forest a year ago to be closer to his family, and, as advertised, has dazzled on the field with his ball skills. But it’s his effusive, caring personality that makes him especially valuable as a team member. Not only that, but Agyapong is an accomplished artist and has been invited to several art exhibitions. Read the full story here and check out some of his art after the jump. More »