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Spectrum | Nov. 23 7:08 pm EST
You Can Never go home

What to do if you’re stuck on campus for Thanksgiving

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So maybe because of outrageous plane fares or work obligations or some other reason you aren’t able to go home this weekend to gather ’round a turkey with your loved ones. Well, that’s overrated anyway. Don’t think of it so much as being “stuck” here as being in the best city in the world, with the best selection of food (according to many a Travel Channel critic), on the most gluttonous holiday of the year. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 22 1:11 am EST

English, do you speak it?

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It’s late. You’re up. For no reason. This isn’t a real week, so let the dulcet tones of Samuel L. lull you into a deep and deeply deserved slumber.

Best Part: The paltry showing of hands in every class in response to the professors’ “Who’s going to be here on Wednesday?”

Worst Part: Today we learned about birds in my biodiversity class. Ill-timed.

A poultry showing

More »


Spectrum | Nov. 15 1:11 am EST

Good news for geeks

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It’s late. You’re up. Perhaps because you’re a guest here, visiting a friend who is making you sleep in the lounge, where it’s hard to fall asleep because people keep walking through and you feel sort of homeless.

It happens. This alarming trend caused Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs Scott Helfrich to send out this memo to LLC residents today:

The LLC Resident Advisers are noticing a number of guests of resident sleeping in the lounges, or are being approached by residents seeking permission for guests to sleep in suite lounges.  My staff cannot grant such permission and need to document students sleeping in lounges as well as the resident hosting them.

Other Ivies Exist: And they are occupying themselves. Harvard students and professors are chafing at increased security measures for protestors, while Cornell occupiers held up a sign with the words “Stop the Cornell – Wall Street pipeline. Choose the right occupation” at a Work on Wall Street conference in Ithaca on Saturday. [Crimson, Daily Sun]

X-Men News: Writer Chris Claremont is donating his X-Men archives to Butler’s Rare Books and Manuscript Library. [Publisher's Weekly]

XXX News: Universities such as Missouri and Washington are buying .xxx domains to keep their schools’ names from being associated with questionable online content, while Sex Week is looking to gain the administration’s approval to hold events at Yale next semester after its recent ban. [Gizmodo, Yale Daily News] More »


Spectrum | Nov. 15 12:30 am EST

No time for hygiene

Your weekly Columbia-themed meme serving.


Spectrum | Nov. 14 9:56 am EST

Soccer’s flawed scoring system

Kate Scarbrough / Staff Photographer

Read This: Some CC faculty members worry about the future of the Core in the wake of the formation of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Won’t somebody please think of the Core! [News]

Know This: Jim Pagels questions the scoring system after the men’s soccer team’s draw this weekend. [Sports]

Here’s More: Students and alumni protest the NYPD’s humiliating stop-and-frisk policy. [News]

Weather: Partly cloudy with highs in the low 60s. Dress appropriately for that classroom that doubles as a Turkish Bath.

Event of the Day: Gift of Instruments Concert at Miller Theatre at 7:00 PM: The Doublestep Foundation will give student musicians gifts of fine instruments and there will be performances from Carter Brey, Alan Gilbert, Victor Goines, Marcus Printup, Aaron Diehl, Yasushi Nakamura, and others.

Dining: Brazilian Pork Butt at Ferris Booth Commons. Did you know that pork butt actually comes from the pig’s shoulder? Sorry, aspiring Andrew Zimmerns.


Spectrum | Nov. 8 12:27 am EST

The truth about fall break

Your weekly Columbia-themed meme serving.


Spectrum | Nov. 7 9:42 pm EST
lights is blinding

Some consolation for 4 p.m. sunsets

Spotted today on College Walk:


Spectrum | Nov. 7 1:08 pm EST
On the march

Occupy Wall Street march passing through Morningside

The scene at 125th St and Broadway about an hour ago:

The five-hour march aims to get Black and Latino supporters from upper Manhattan to join with protesters downtown. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who is leading the march, told the Observer,

“We’re looking to find a way of how to continue supporting the 99% movement. … I believe that this movement is so important for everyone, especially the working class and the middle class, to communities left behind, as is the case for the Northern Manhattan area where the gap between rich and poor is so clear.”  [WSJ, PolitickerNY]

Update: The march passing 114th and Broadway about half an hour ago:


Spectrum | Nov. 7 9:33 am EST

Upper Manhattan joining in Occupy Wall Street

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The newspaper will be back on Wednesday.

Event of the Day: Occupy Wall Street 11-mile marathon march through Manhattan to Zuccotti Park. Starts at 10:30 a.m. at 181st Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. [PolitickerNY]

Weather: Sunny and clear with a high of 60°F. The gods are smiling upon your day off.

Dining: NONE. Good luck.


Spectrum | Nov. 1 1:11 am EST

Are You Afraid Of the Dark? still terrifying

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It’s late. You’re up sorting through the deluge of Halloween costume photos flooding your news feed.

Best Part: Looking forward to post-Halloween candy sales.

Worst Part: Heartbreak experienced at news of Kim Kardashian’s filing for divorce. [NYMag]

James Franco in the News: Morons in the blogosphere” are bound to misinterpret his doll orgy installation.

From Flaunt magazine’s description of the project in  “The Orgiastic Education of James Franco:”

Franco, who is in the middle of the action, begins to record himself on an iPhone, repeating, “I’m a rebel, I’m a rebel, I’m a rebel, I’m a rebel…” His eyes are closed. There is no irony in his voice.

[Flaunt, A.V. Club]

Sad: Barnard alumna and real estate executive Marion Hedges is in the hospital after a shopping cart was dropped on top of her by 12-year-olds on the Upper West Side today. [DNAinfo, Gothamist]

Ivy Face-Off: Watch our very own Jeffrey Sachs debate Harvard’s Niall Ferguson on Occupy Wall Street and the 1%. [Washington Post]

Incidentally, Kim Kardashian on Occupy Wall Street: “That cake looks so good.”  [WSJ]

The End: Short answer: yes.