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Spectrum | May. 1 1:11 am EST
one eleven

One eleven: nostalgia, sort of, edition

It’s late. You’re up. Why is this 1:11 different from all other 1:11s? It’s not, there’s going to be one tomorrow. But for me this is the last one, the last time I will be able to turn the random stuff I’ve accumulated over the week into content. Anyway, hope you wore pink earlier today, here are some cool links, and don’t forget to be awesome!

 Actual news: The New Yorker interviews one of the girls who was able to escape when terrorists abducted over 200 of her peers from their Nigerian school two weeks ago. The vast majority of the girls are still missing.

Interviewz: Patrick Stewart, known actor, star-ship captain, and selfie aficionado, talks about his career and some deep issues associated with some of the roles he’s played.

SCIENCE: this NPR bit is about how one can scramble an egg while it’s still in the shell. Technology has fulfilled its purpose, now. Well done.

Games/puzzles/interactive: nostalgia has driven me to New Grounds. Sorry.

Adventures in long form journalism: Brittney Spears music? Britney Spears music, circa early 2000s.

The end: it’s been a while since I put a time lapse up for a video, so here’s a neato one. It’s like a year old, but that jut makes it cooler because it’s spring in the video and it’s spring right now.


Also, happy May Day.


Spectrum | Apr. 30 11:26 am EST
wake up call

Title IX and Star Wars updates

Good morning! After a string of days that were very warm indeed, last night it became winter-like again. Right now Broadway is overcast and the air is a bit nippy. Also, today is Wednesday and it is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Here are some other relevant bits of news:

Columbia news:

  • A recent White House report on changes to the Title IX compliance system could have big implications for Columbia/Barnard’s recent complaints. Read about it.
  • Look at the trajectories of both Columbia men’s and women’s tennis this year and see what may be coming up next for the teams.
  • A recent op-ed piece by MFA student Yujin Lee tackles the title of “artist” and what it means if anyone, even a former president with little formal training, can be accepted as a professional artist.
oped art

Yujin Lee


Outside the bubble:

  • If you have a NY Public Library Card (which you should because you have at least one physical address in New York) you can take out ebooks and audiobooks from the New York Public Library. I just found out about it last night. So I’m late to the game, but you need not be!
  • The racist basketball manager person guy is banned from the NBA, will be forced to pay a fine, and is being pressure to sell his team because he is a racist.
  • The casting decisions for the new Star Wars movie were released yesterday.



Spectrum | Apr. 22 9:20 pm EST
twits and giggles

#myNYPD twitter trend unexpectedly brings police brutality to light

Today the NYPD attempted to catch on to the hip-hoppidy slick heavy copacetic world of social media, and they did in fact get a #hashtag to trend, which, while certainly better than what the average twitter user can twaccomplish, was probably not the most savvy tech move due to the serious issues it brought to light.  Through the NYPD’s official twitter page (@NYPDNews) the police department asked fellow tweeters to send in pics of themselves with the NYPD using the hashtag #myNYPD.

Unfortunately, they did not anticipate so many New Yorkers having such a contentious relationship with their NYPD.

One would imagine they expected pictures like this:

cute <3

cute <3

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Spectrum | Apr. 22 1:11 am EST
one eleven

Meteor shower tonight!

It’s late. You’re up. So go see the meteor shower happening tonight!

Games/quizzes:  Are you still feeling a lot of feelings from yesterday’s Game of Thrones episode? Here‘s an online memorial for you to throw virtual flowers on the virtual graves of your favorite TV characters.

Cats and coffee: Cats! And coffee! Does the idea of both these things in the same general venue intrigue you? Check out the temporary venue in the Bowery called the “Cat Cafe” on April 24, where you can buy a coffee and/or adopt a shelter cat!

This day in (misrepresented) history: One of Ben Franklin’s pithy phrases people sometimes quote goes like, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  This page has an interesting take on what he actually meant.

Actual news: There’s a huge fire in Jackson Heights.

The end: I’m just very amused with the video of the senator who almost got hit by a train as he was delivering a speech about train safety.


Spectrum | Apr. 21 9:45 am EST
wake up call

Columbia is sporting, sports interns are people, and happy Patriots’ Day

Good morning! According to various weather sites, it’s going to be 65 degrees with nary a cloud in sight. Less than a month until graduation. Because you’re worth it.

In Columbia news:

  • Annie Diamond, BC ’15, is recovering from injuries she sustained falling from a roof in March while she was studying abroad at Oxford.
  • After Bill de Blasio signed a bill last week granting workplace protections to unpaid interns, Spectator examines what this amendment means for the university and its students.
  • Sports columnist Peter Andrews notes the spring in many Columbia teams’ steps compared to the cold feelings fall performances put in his heart.
Vanamali Porethi / Spectator

Vanamali Porethi / Spectator

Outside the bubble

  • CNN’s sometimes-daily blog post with “all you need to know to get an early start to the morning” today contains updates to South Korea’s ferry tragedy, the missing Malaysian Plane, and other apparently ongoing stories as well as videos that “have set the Internet buzzing.”
  • Over the weekend, the senior senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, was standing unsafely close to the yellow line as he was talking about commuter rail safety. A passing train disrupted his presentation on commuter rail safety because he was presenting dangerously close to the passing train.  He is the senior senator from Connecticut.
  • Here are “four things to do this week” according to DNAinfo. These things unfortunately are very not free, but catching a show in the Tribeca Film Festival sounds cool.

Today is also the day of the Boston Marathon. I just learned that it falls on the third Monday of April, every year, on a Massachusetts state holiday called Patriots’ Day which commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord.


Spectrum | Apr. 17 1:11 am EST
one eleven

Matzo pizza and The Heights

It’s late. You’re up. Beer is not kosher for Passover but hopefully these links will satisfy any Wednesday withdrawals for anyone suffering from mid-April maudlin.

Flashed spotlight: Adam Wilson, CC ’14

Spectrum: What is the most superb way to take your coffee?

AW: I actually can’t drink caffeine any more, but the best way is to get it for free by flirting with baristas.

Spectrum: What is your ideal Halloween costume?

AW: Dorian Gray, obviously.

Spectrum: What TV show, music video, literary work, or radio commercial would you like to live in?

AW: Right now I’d have to go with the West Wing. I’m pretty sure that’s every liberal Poli Sci major’s dream world.

Spectrum: Hobbes vs Rousseau?

AW: Hobbes, no question. I really can’t get past the whole constantly abandoning his children thing that Rousseau did.

Spectrum: What marketable skill, if any, have you learned here?

AW: Is political intrigue a marketable skill? Our campus’s bureaucracy is the perfect training ground for that.

Heard around the Ivy: Apparently there is a Heights Bar and Grill in Ithaca. According to this review inn the Cornell Sun, though, it does not seem to have any $5 margs, and that is unfortunate indeed.

Adventures in long-form journalism: This Buzzfeed article from a few weeks ago looks at online attacks against doctors and their records.

Actually useful: Need to actually get something written? Have a kitten!

How to food: Matzo pizza, by Martha Stewart.

Quizzes and games: Match your Briggs-Myers personality type to different Disney characters

The end: There’s a video series on the intertubes that imagine alternate endings for different movies—how they should have ended, as it were. Here is the video for “Frozen.”


Spectrum | Apr. 16 6:56 pm EST
winter never ends

Well, it snowed last night

As many of you might have noticed if you were outside, last night was terrible. Even if you were less foolhardy and did not leave your Netflix problem set, this morning you still might have found evidence of last night’s woe as you slipped on your icy trek out of Noco or into Pupin. Or as ice started falling off of Noco around 1 p.m.

Hopefully this was the last wheezy cough of winter, and hopefully everything’s warm and melty now, but after the jump there are some pictures of cars with snow on them as well as other things that are as sad as snow in April, the cruelest of months.

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Spectrum | Apr. 16 9:48 am EST
wake up call

Sexual misconduct townhall, Wawa, and baseball

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning! It was snowing last night, in case you missed it. It’s sunny right now, though, but the temperature is somewhere in the 30s or 40s. We are in the middle of an exciting April.

In Columbia news:

  • Twelve first-years were selected for the Presidential Global Fellowship program, which will allow them to intern and study in different countries this summer.
  • Spec interviews the costume designer for an upcoming play, “Passing Strange,” which opens April 24.
  • The baseball team, currently on an eight-game winning streak, will play against St. John’s today at 3:30 p.m.
File Photo

File Photo

Outside the bubble:

  • Today is the celebration for Wawa’s 50th anniversary! There will  be free coffee, in lands touched by the convenience store’s warm bosom. Which apparently reaches only as far as Elizabeth, N.J.
  • As part of a terrorist campaign in northeast Nigeria, 100 to 200 girls were taken at gunpoint from their boarding school yesterday.
  • Almost 2000 flights have been canceled or delayed today due to the inclement weather New Yorkers and others on the east coast are being treated to.

The Town Hall on Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct is also today from 12 to 1:30 p.m. in 309 Havemayer. You can submit questions here or at the town hall itself for the opportunity for administrators to listen to your stories and queries directly.


Spectrum | Apr. 10 1:11 am EST
one eleven

Fungal sex and 40s on 40

It’s late. You’re up. For some students the Bacchanal weekend starts on Wednesday, but for those of you who are not as excited to hit the 40 day mark until graduation, here are these offerings if you want to take a break from Sartre or whoever else you’re seeing:

Heard around the Ivy: Brown researchers have things to say about their studies of fungus sex, because of course.

Hobbes was right: A high school student in Pennsylvania went on a stabbing rampage Wednesday morning wounding, some critically, over 20 people.

Multimedia journalism: NPR put together an in-depth and gorgeous project on the stories of people caught between the fluid border between the United States and Mexico.

Good job, America: via the New York Times: “’For reasons known only to them, Senate Republicans don’t seem to be interested in closing wage gaps for working women,’ Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said in a floor speech.”

Quizzes/Games: Here’s a neat little personality test.

The End: Crash Course Psychology! DTFBA!


Spectrum | Apr. 9 5:21 pm EST

When Bacchanal and Days on Campus collide


Earlier today Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez sent a missive reminding students of the glorious, Western-bestern roots of Bacchanal. Also that students shouldn’t get sloppy and destroy Columbia property like last year, especially if prospective students are going to be hanging around. Because this Days on Campus is different from all other days on campus, because this year it coincides with Bacchanal.

Full letter after the jump.

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