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Spectrum | Dec. 6 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Penn State is back in trouble

It’s late. You’re up. Since it’s officially Thursday, in about 24 hours (I’m being generous here), you’ll be done with your full week of classes this year. Who’s excited?!

Awards you may care about: The nominations for the 55th Annual Grammys are out. Frank Ocean, Jack White, and Mumford & Sons grabbed Album of the Year nominations, while Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” receives a nod for record of the year. Justice prevails.

Party in the U.S.A.: Meanwhile, same-sex marriage and marijuana possession are both legal in Washington state today. Residents planned to celebrate by breaking the new law, which still prohibits smoking pot in public.  More »


Spectrum | Dec. 5 9:37 am EST
wake-up call

We’re almost at the finish line

Spec file photo

Good morning, Columbia! Welcome to the last hump day you’ll get to celebrate by going to classes this year. And in case that isn’t special enough for you, take part in International Day of the Ninja! Now, check out the latest news from today’s paper.

Read this: It’s safe to say that many of us have been stressed enough during finals that dropping out of school seemed a viable option, but here’s an op-ed from a student who put her money where her mouth is.

Know this: SEAS wants to turn Carleton Lounge, the “only usable student space in Mudd,” into the school’s new digital library.

Here’s more: The editorial board has, like everyone else, grown fed up with the lack of study space and nonsensical operating hours at Butler during finals.



Spectrum | Nov. 29 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

You’re in luck!

It’s late. You’re up. Chances are you didn’t win the $580 million lottery this evening, but there’s still plenty to smile about! For one thing, you totally have a working Internet connection (unless you’re in Butler), which means you get to end your night with the One Eleven!

Actual News

Something new: The Mars rover Curiosity found something noteworthy in a pinch of Martian sand, but no one knows what that exactly is. John P. Grotzinger, one of the scientists working on the mission, described the find as “one for the history books.” My prediction? Dirt, but interesting dirt.

Meanwhile: A U.S. study found that 85% of couches and stuffed chairs contain at least one flame-retardant chemical. So… that should put things in perspective.

Another one bites the dust: Angus T. Jones—the “half” in Two and a Half Men—is rumored to be leaving the show after the series ends its 10th season. This may lead some to speculate that a certain higher power has it out for the show, which leads me to speculate that said higher power has great taste in television.  More »


Spectrum | Nov. 28 9:47 am EST
wake-up call

Come find love in a hopeless place

Good morning, Columbia! After Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, everyone’s favorite holiday is finally here—it’s the National Day of Listening! But before you lend an ear to a friend in need, check out some stories from Spectator today.

Read this: “On a scale from one to 1020, how forward are you?” Nick Parker gives his entertaining perspective on hook-up culture and dating at Columbia.

Know this: Barnard students and alumnae recently signed a petition in support of English professor Bashir Abu-Manneh, after the college’s decision to deny him tenure.

Here’s more: Should Columbia begin a program that pairs students away from home for the holidays with willing host families? Here’s why Rebecca Arbacher seems to think so.


Spectrum | Nov. 22 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Thanksgiving puts Fox News and Gawker at odds, the White House has a Facebook page?

It’s late. You’re up. And either fresh off your flight/train/taxi ride home and dreaming of tomorrow’s feast or stuck in Butler. Either way, it’s Thanksgiving! Time to chill out, max, and relax all cool with your closest friends and family and a big, fat turkey. But before that, let’s check out some interesting Turkey Day related factoids.

Actual News

Take the train: If you were planning to escape the concrete jungle for the rest of the week, here’s hoping you got out before all of the train service at Penn Station was shut down earlier today.

Save the turkeys: Every year the White House picks one (just the one) turkey to pardon for Thanksgiving. This year’s lucky winner, Cobbler, was chosen by votes on the White House’s facebook pageMore »


Meta | Nov. 21 8:54 am EST
thanksgiving break

No paper today

Just like you, Spectator is taking a very deserved Thanksgiving holiday. While there won’t be a new edition of the paper until Monday, Spectrum will continue to be updated. Happy holidays, everyone!


Spectrum | Nov. 15 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

A great week for drug dealers, so-so for Guy Fieri

It’s late. You’re up. The week drags on, but rest assured that Columbia Compliments is still going strong. If you need an even greater pick-me-up, however, I wholly recommend this site (warning: There are brightly flashing images).

Actual news

Welcome to Flavortown: No matter how much work you’re buried under right now, you’re probably having a better day than Guy Fieri, whose restaurant just got capital C creamed in this New York Times food review. Here’s a tidbit: ”And when we hear the words Donkey Sauce, which part of the donkey are we supposed to think about?”

Crime and punishment: George Washington University joins Emory and Claremont McKenna for earning the ire of US News & World Report’s annual college rankings. GWU misreported statistics about its student body, moving from the 51st spot to… well, they’re not on the list anymore.

Do-good drug dealer: A pot dealer in Brooklyn donated over half of his earnings last week to victims of Hurricane Sandy. When pressed for comment about what influenced his surprising philanthropy, the anonymous horticulturalist said, “Yeah, man. Yeah.”  More »


A&E | Nov. 14 8:11 pm EST
campus superstars

Here’s your classmate on a new Pitbull song

Courtesy of Danny Murcia

While most of us were toiling away in offices at our internships this summer, CC ’14′s Danny Murcia was cooking up hit tunes with some of today’s most popular music artists. After securing an internship with Atlantic Records during his freshman year at Columbia, Murcia began working with household names such as, Kara DioGuardi (of American Idol fame), and Nicole Scherzinger, but by far the most impressive item on his resumé is his upcoming feature on Pitbull’s new record, Global Warming.

The song Murcia’s featured on is called “Outta Nowhere,” and it’s one he penned himself. Take a listen to it here:

  More »


Spectrum | Nov. 14 9:32 am EST
wake-up call

Barnard extends P/D/F deadline, JTS kills birds

Ayelet Pearl / Spec

Morning, Columbia! Rise and shine—it’s National American Teddy Bear Day. While I’m not quite sure how one would go about celebrating this glorious holiday, I imagine it would be very warm and comforting. Now onward with the news!

Read this: All of the undergraduate student councils and two largest governing boards are supporting resolutions to increase funding to the Arts Initiative, and call for more support for the program from administrators.

Know this: In light of “class days lost to the hurricane” last month, Barnard is extending its P/D/F deadline for classes until next Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Here’s more: The reflective windows on the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Morningside campus are confusing and killing a lot of birds. You can tell this by the sight of injured and dead birds littering the sidewalk on 123rd Street.


Spectrum | Nov. 8 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Free phone calls for Sandy victims!

It’s late. You’re up. We’re more than halfway done with a pretty exciting week, and we’ve only had to sit through a day of classes so far!

Actual News:

Race riots: Students at the University of Mississippi (that’s Ole Miss to you) took to the streets last night to protest the re-election of a black president. Afterwards, the students promptly returned to their dorm rooms and listened to more Watch The Throne.

Legalized pot: Thanks to Initiative 502, possessing small amounts of marijauana will become legal in Washington state on December 6th. …So wait till then, Washingtonians.

Corporate generosity: This week, Verizon Wireless announced that it will not charge victims of Hurricane Sandy for their domestic voice or text usage between Oct. 29 and Nov. 16.  More »