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What to watch

What to watch next week

This week is packed with tons of unmissable shows, from one-off specials to hotly anticipated episodes of network TV’s best comedies and dramas. Get ready to DVR your heart out–here are the best and brightest programs on the airwaves this week.

Bones (airs Nov. 12 at 8:00, FOX) – “Bones,” a quirky crime show that has veered dangerously into goofiness in the past, is always at its best when the characters are forced to ground themselves. This episode, which revolves around identifying the remains of a man who died in the attacks on 9/11, will do just that. It also marks the first time that all of the rotating ‘squinterns’ share the screen. What do you get when five weirdos and a forced-to-emote Brennan try to identify a body? This unanswerable question is reason enough to watch.

Happy Endings (airs Nov. 13 at 9:00, ABC) – This show is the new “Friends” – and I would never say that lightly. It is true for the obvious reason – six friends hang out. A lot. But this show also masters the balance between intergroup teasing and obvious affection that so many comedies in an increasingly cynical landscape miss. A single-camera comedy without the ever-present mockumentary format, it is also just the right amount of modern. With a cast that gels and shines in equal parts, it is, for lack of a more fitting word, ah-mah-zing.

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only (airs Nov. 14 at 10:00, SPIKE) – Remember when Eddie Murphy was actually, you know, funny? As in, before “Norbit”? A bunch of celebrities do too in this special. Guests range from the random (people need to stop trying to make Arsenio Hall happen) to the relevant (Chris Rock). Murphy might not be that funny anymore, but, if anyone showing up has the guts to point that out, this celebration of an undeniably one-time great might be.

Glee (airs Nov. 15 at 9:00, FOX) – The quality of this show has certainly…wavered, to say the least. Yet even as the urge to shut Mr. Schuester up by force grows with each episode, the musical numbers have remained strong. With this week’s performance of “Grease,” there should be enough amusement, both intentional and accidental, to make the watch worthwhile. Still, be warned – their renditions of already catchy tunes will undoubtedly burrow their way into your brain for days.

Dexter (airs Nov. at 9:00, Showtime) – This season was going so well… and then last week happened. With a serial killer sex scene right out of your scariest nightmares, not to mention the dropped plot point of Deb caring that Dexter, you know, kills people, the whole affair was hugely disappointing. For the season as a whole, then, this episode is make-it-or-break-it. Fortunately, I have inexplicable faith that the writers can make it work.



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