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Spectrum | Jan. 31 7:01 pm EST
on the prowl

Six ways to pick up more than just a book at Butler

columbia_admissions / flickr

It’s the second week of school and you’ve decided that this semester you’re finally going to make that cute girl you always see in Butler fall in love with you.

Well, instead of posting your feelings on Columbia Admirers and hoping things will magically work out, here are some ideas to initiate conversation and make something happen.

1. First you need to find out where and at what time she studies, and then return to this place every day at that exact same time. Think of this less as stalking, and more as being deliberate.

Most people study in the same room every day so this is a great way to accidentally bump into her and get on her radar. Plus, one day when you’re married to her it’ll be a fun story to tell your kids. More »


The Eye | Jan. 31 4:30 pm EST

Feminism, facebook, and falafel

Courtesy The Eye

Hey, girl!

Would you ever have guessed that Pokémon is the second highest selling video game of all time?

We wouldn’t have, either.

But there is one thing we’re willing to wager: If you’re online, chances are you’re on Facebook right now, right? Well, if you’re going to be on Facebook instead of reading for CC anyway, why not find out just how influential you are on social media? In this week’s lead for The Eye, Rega Jha discusses Klout, the new website that quantifies our social media skills, and whether our addiction to social media will help us land internships or is just costing us sleep.

And speaking of lack of sleep, read about Sara Gilford’s sleepless Austrian night at a place called Wombats. What, in Beyoncé’s name, you say, is Wombats?

To find out the answer to that question and many more, you’re just going to have to read The Eye! Look out for a semester of stellar issues.


Opinion | Jan. 31 1:30 pm EST

In which I reject Cairo to stay in New York

Courtesy of kaysha/flickr

All my life, I have been a wannabe nomad.

Technically, I am not a nomad—I have moved and traveled because of opportunities rather than from necessity.

But I love the idea of wandering, never being rooted to a specific place. I’m the pretentious cosmopolitan who, when asked, “Where are you from?” will answer, “It’s complicated.”

For the past few months, Cairo was my post-grad plan. I wanted to apply to a job there and immerse myself with everything it would bring (yes, even Tahrir Square protests).

Two weeks ago, I decided that as cool as Cairo was, I wasn’t ready for it to steal my heart away. To be a post-grad newbie and live in a foreign country where you don’t know how the game works is double trouble.

So I’m staying in New York, bitches.

Whenever I feel the teensiest regret for my decision, I remind myself of all the amazing things it means to be in the heart of this city.

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A&E | Jan. 31 11:50 am EST
We went to there

Saying goodbye to “30 Rock”

nathanmac87 / flickr

Today, we bid farewell to one of the most influential sitcoms of the decade. Yes, tonight is the finale of “30 Rock.”

All I can say is: blerg.

Luckily, this won’t be the end for Tina Fey and her co-stars: the success of “30 Rock” will certainly catapult Fey and her cast and crew to new, exciting projects — perhaps even another TV show for Fey.

For a show with such surprisingly low ratings for its critical success, Fey’s masterpiece is incredibly well-loved at Columbia. Perhaps we love it because of its New York ties, but our sizable fan population can probably appreciate the ways in which “30 Rock” brings our stress, food-binging, and discontent with the administration to life on the small screen.

And what better way to appreciate “30 Rock” than with gifs? See Columbia life through the lens of TGS with Tracy Jordan after the jump.

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Spectrum | Jan. 31 9:15 am EST
Wake-Up Call

Today I learned…


Happy 94th birthday to Jackie Robinson! Also, this day 55 years ago, Explorer 1, the very first US satellite, was launched to detect the Van Allen Radiation Belt. Here are some more new things for you to learn:

Read this: Columbia might be seeing designated smoking areas in her future. Based on an idea put forward in the smoking town hall last week, the University Senate task force is now putting forth a proposal at today’s plenary meeting.

Know this: The Barnard Center for Research on Women is holding a panel on the state of feminism. It features activists and Barnard students discussing, amongst other things, the feminist movement and the challenges it faces. 

Here’s more: Wanna get that NSOP feel during your meals again? Feel like making new friends over John Jay’s fabulous food? The Community Table is the brainchild of CCSC and ESC in order to encourage students to make new friends.

Lily Liu-Krason / Staff Photographer


Spectrum | Jan. 31 1:11 am EST
One eleven

Yelp: the great enabler

It’s late. You’re up.

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering how it’s possible to already feel just a little behind and a lot exhausted. Remember all those New Year’s resolutions? Cook more? Find a new bar? Explore Brooklyn? Maybe now’s the time to open up Yelp and get searching—and here are some of my favorites from right around here to get you started.

It’s too early in the year to be up this late and be productive. I believe in you.

5.  Everybody’s favorite college library is also clearly cleaning up on Yelp. I wonder if a random sampling of people in there currently would reveal similar ratings.

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A&E | Jan. 30 7:59 pm EST

Morningsiders release new music video for “Lightning”

Courtesy Morningsiders

If you worried you were a fool for loving them, fret no more—the Morningsiders have come through with a brand new music video.

Morningsiders first hit the Columbia scene in a big way in December when they released their music video for “Empress” and it went viral—today, the video has over 24,000 views.

Morningsiders is comprised of Magnus Ferguson (guitar/lead vocals), Reid Jenkins (violin/vocals), Robert Frech (piano), Vlad Bernstein (bass/vocals), and Benjamin Kreitman (trumpet/vocals). Max Bartick, CC ’13, who shot “Empress” also filmed this video.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Opinion | Jan. 30 7:30 pm EST

What happens in Butler…

Illustration by Ilana Schulder

As much as we Columbia students may try and fight the nerdy stereotype that accompanies the mere mention of our dear institution’s name, it’s about time we recognize its merits. Is it not a testament to our endearing but ever-present geeky-ness that the site of a considerable share of our college experiences is none other than the school’s treasured Butler Library?

Whether we notice it on a daily basis or not, our relationship with the library is not the typical one between student and study space. Take a moment and think about the last time you visited Butler. More »


Spectrum | Jan. 30 5:06 pm EST
the down low on low

Cloudy skies, happy faces

We’re not totally clear on who these kids are, or about why (or what) they’re singing… but we hope it’ll brighten this overcast Wednesday afternoon.

We promise to ask more questions next time when we’re not running late to class.


Spectrum | Jan. 30 2:15 pm EST
superfans and fanatics

Who doesn’t love a hero in tights

Fandoms are all around us. Anyone who has ever been on the fandom section of tumblr has feels for their OTP and ships something so much that it hurts, but the common population has no idea what any of these things mean. 

This column will fix that by educating the common people on the fandom members surrounding them on Columbia’s own campus.

This week focuses on “SuperSam the Superman Superfan” aka Samantha Duncan, CC ’16.  Sam grew up a lover of superheroes and cites Batman as her first hero.  However, when her mom got her a copy of the 90s show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Sam immediately fell in love with the man of steel and became actively involved with the fan culture when she attended San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.

Talking to Sam about Superman is like talking to Sarah Palin about going rogue.  You’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

I heard her go on about what a strong character Lois Lane is and how she truly is an independent woman, a hero in her own regard.  She mentions Superman’s relatability as her favorite thing about the hero. When I pointed out that he is actually an alien, she answered, “It’s so complicated. You want to be Batman but you’re not Batman. You’re Clark Kent. The way that he struggles to fit in is super relatable. We all struggle to fit in.”

Just part of Sam’s collection of memorabilia.

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