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Sports | Dec. 31 5:32 pm EST
Coming to our city

It’s true—former Stanford QB Nottingham intends to transfer to Columbia

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Remember that rumor we told you about Brett Nottingham last week? Well, according to this article from The Bootleg—’s Stanford athletics blog—it turns out that rumor is true. Though Athletics cannot comment on potential recruits until they are admitted and a deposit is in due to Ivy League rules, Nottingham’s word is confirmation that he plans on taking his talents to the Big Apple.

“I am excited to say I am in the process of applying to Columbia University,” Nottingham said to The Bootleg. “Pending admissions, I plan on playing football for head coach Pete Mangurian and the Columbia Lions.”

Per the same article, Nottingham was scheduled to major in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford. It is currently unclear to which Columbia school Nottingham is applying, but he’d be eligible to play in 2013 irrespective of where he’d land, as he’s transferring from a FBS to an FCS football program. Nottingham has finished all essays and applications, and will get a job and train while he’s waiting to hear back from CU. If admitted, he would join Columbia football in the summer. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 31 4:03 pm EST
It's 2013!

13 New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t bother making


1. Going to Dodge on a regular basis. You tell yourself this every day.

Do you think telling yourself the same thing at midnight on January 1st is going to conjure up some Fairy Godmother who just happens to look like Jillian Michaels?

Just give up on trying to find your inner self-discipline and get thee to SSOL and sign up for lap swim.

2. Trying not to use one of these words in your everyday language.

The fact that “Fiscal Cliff” and “YOLO” made the list of words to be banished is kind of understandable, but “Boneless Wings?”

What kind of soulless being (Barring vegetarians and vegans.) doesn’t like boneless wings?

3. Quit procrastinating.

Think about it, without procrastination, how would you ever catch up on Battle Star Galactica: Blood and Chrome and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? More »


A&E | Dec. 25 8:36 pm EST

Surprise! You’re in ‘Teen Vogue’

Barnard and Columbia students were ready for their close-up even during the busy weeks at the end of the semester. Teen Vogue’s Street Style team snapped shots of 15 chic students for a winter outfit feature on their website last week.

“It was very flattering [to appear in the gallery] and at the same time quite funny,” Columbia College Student Council President Karishma Habbu, CC ’13, wrote in an email.

“That day I had rolled out of bed, had hardly washed my face, and was rushing (as I was 20 minutes late), to class on a Friday morning a few weeks ago,” she wrote. “The reason I had that silly hat on was because I was having a bad hair day.” More »


News | Dec. 24 1:06 pm EST
Lack of diploma-cy

NY Post: Kazakhstan president’s nephew faked diploma to attend GS

Courtesy of the New York Post

Last summer, the New York Post reported that Daniyar Nazarbayev, the nephew of Kazakhstan’s president, faked his way into Columbia with a diploma that might not have been real.

And now, the Post reported today that email exchanges between Columbia administrators say that there is still no verification that Nazarbayev, who graduated in 2010, received an official high-school diploma at all.

“The Office of Admissions is concerned about the authenticity of the official, certified translations of secondary-school documents presented with his application for admission,” Curtis Rodgers, dean of enrollment management for the school of general studies, said in an email to Jeri Henry, associate dean of judicial affairs, according to the Post.

Spectator has reached out to a University spokesperson, but the Office of Communications and Public Affairs is closed until Wednesday.


Sports | Dec. 21 10:41 pm EST
Stanford no more

Could a Stanford quarterback be coming to Columbia?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An unconfirmed rumor around the blogosphere is that Stanford junior quarterback Brett Nottingham will be making his way to Morningside Heights.

ESPN reported last Saturday Nottingham plans to transfer, and the Stanford athletic department today confirmed to Spectator that Nottingham is no longer a part of its football program.

If the rumor proves to be true, Nottingham would certainly be a major addition to the Light Blue. Coming out of Monte Vista High School in Danville, Calif. in 2010, the quarterback was a four-star recruit, and ranked as the fourth-best pro-style quarterback prospect in the nation by  More »


Spectrum | Dec. 21 1:16 pm EST

Meet the latest search committee members

Nicholas Dirks suddenly resigned as executive vice president for Arts and Sciences last month to become chancellor of UC Berkeley, paving the way for the search committee process we’ve all come to know and love. Now, that time has come.

University President Lee Bollinger just announced the 15-member committee that will recommend candidates to replace Dirks, and it’s a diverse group: 10 professors, a dean, two alumni, a graduate student, and an undergraduate student (Daphne Chen, CC ’14 and Columbia College Student Council vice president of finance). The committee’s chair is international affairs professor Robert Jervis.

Bollinger said that he wants to choose a new A&S EVP by the end of the academic year. For the full list of committee members, look after the jump. More »


A&E | Dec. 21 12:42 pm EST
What you missed

Here’s a dose of pop culture you missed during finals

While you were in your room/Butler/NoCo/a state of disillusionment, the world kept turning and entertainment kept moving. Stay tuned for our winter break recommendations on how to make the most productive (?) use of your time. For now, here are a few viral videos to ease your transition back into society.

Mistletoe mischief
Even the Grinch can’t help but smile during this college cafeteria experiment. Just keep an eye out for mistletoe on the ceiling of Ferris.

More »


Spectrum | Dec. 19 4:21 pm EST
Phi Beta Kappa

Here are the Barnard Phi Beta Kappa initiates

Last week, Columbia College announced its early inductees to the honor society. Here now are the Barnard initiates (and their majors) who were honored at the PBK ceremony on Dec. 11. Early inductees in CC are among the top 2 percent in their class as ranked by GPA, but the criteria for Barnard is less strictly defined: “Barnard students of exceptionally high standing are eligible,” according to the college’s website. See the full list after the jump.

  • Jordan Lee Borgman (Comparative Literature)
  • Chloe Benedek Cheimets (Psychology)
  • Rebecca Catherine Kelliher (English)

News | Dec. 19 2:55 pm EST
Commencement 2013

BC ’13 Commencement will be at Radio City Music Hall


Barnard has moved off campus for its 2013 Commencement.

Dean Avis Hinkson announced in an email this afternoon that Radio City Music Hall will be the graduation site for this year’s ceremony.

Graduates will be allowed to bring six family members and guests, and students and faculty will be bused to the New York City landmark. (No word on how families will find their way there.) The full email:

Dear Barnard Students,

We are delighted to announce that Barnard’s 2013 Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 19th at 4pm at Radio City Music Hall. Since its opening in 1932, Radio City has been both a national landmark and a New York City treasure and, after a comprehensive search, proved to be the optimal venue for this milestone celebration. It will comfortably accommodate our seniors, six guests per graduate, faculty, staff, and distinguished guests. More »


A&E | Dec. 19 10:32 am EST
Music Video

Student rock group Jeffers Win releases new music video

It appears that finals season is the perfect time for talented Columbia musicians to share their talent with our community. Along with the Morningsiders’ release of “Empress” a few days ago, Columbia band Jeffers Win has released their new video for “I Can’t Call You (I’m in the Army)” this week.

Columbia students Stephan Adamow, Cam Johnson, Henry Murphy, and P.J. Sauerteig, all CC ’15, formed Jeffers Win last year. The student-by-day, rockstar-by-night persona is a special breed on this campus, but they remain delightfully down-to-earth. Sauerteig commented on the songwriting for “I Can’t Call You,” saying, “I have to admit that a good amount of the lyrics were ad-libbed one night in my Furnald single room,” and even offered some fashion advice from his experience in front of the camera: “Never be afraid to rock an American flag bandana.”

Yet above all Jeffers Win’s remarkable musical talent shines in their video release, the lyrics haunting and echoey over a catchy electronic beat that works as a bit of an 80s throwback.

More »