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A&E | Nov. 30 8:19 pm EST

Bros, brose, broetry

Quarto and Sigma Nu joined forces Thursday night at the Sigma Nu fraternity house to celebrate, “Bros, Brose, and Broetry,” an event honoring male-oriented writing. According to its website, Quarto is Columbia’s oldest undergraduate literary magazine. The organizers from Quarto said that this was part of their initiative to appeal to a diverse audience.

Though the themes of some of the readings, which were performed by students from Columbia campus, were certainly very “macho” in nature, the pieces that were read came from a wide range of genres including rap, music performances, poetry, and“appropriation art,” in which a student read his ex-girlfriend’s blog. More »


A&E | Nov. 30 6:36 pm EST
Jingle Bell rock

Put your cynic aside for some holiday cheer

It’s the holidays, in case you haven’t noticed, which means that the city is teeming with tourists. But Emma Finder, CC ’16, invites us all to stop being so jaded and head down to Rockefeller Center:

“All neck-craning, shoving, and shivering aside, the tree lighting is a tradition that reminds us of what makes New York beautiful amid all its grime and traffic: the feeling of being just a microscopic piece in a huge puzzle you can never know in its entirety and from which you can never withdraw yourself.”

As Columbians, we even share history with Rockefeller Center. So take a break from the stress of the last weeks of the semester and soak in the holiday cheer.


Spectrum | Nov. 30 6:14 pm EST
Film Screening

Free screening of Love Actually, tonight

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Bored? Need a break from studying? Nothing to do tonight?

The Ferris Reel Film Society and Barnard’s Office of Orientation and Activities are teaming up to host a free screening of Love Actually at 8:00 p.m. The event will be at 202 Altschul.

Definitely check it out!


The Eye | Nov. 30 3:21 pm EST

Eye Multimedia: Peeking inside Rachel Seville’s closet

In this week’s interview, Kaitlin Phillips chats with Rachel Seville, the creator of the fashion blog Pizza Rulez. The Eye visited her Upper East Side apartment to take a look inside the closet of an internet fashionista. 

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Opinion | Nov. 30 12:23 pm EST

Making Columbia town halls and community forums online

File photo

By the end of this week there will have been office hours with Dean Goldfarb, a forum for the 113th brownstones, and a focus group concerning the Ruggles basement redesign.

Three facts:

  • Most Columbia deans/Barnard deans/councils put a lot of effort into outreach.
  • Students almost invariably don’t bother showing up to town halls.
  • Students then complain on Spec/Bwog when admin does something unpopular.

Here are two reasons why people don’t show up to community forums/student council meetings.

1) It takes time. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 30 9:48 am EST

The end of classes is near!

Sophie Gamez for Spectator

Good morning, Columbia! Last night was sure illuminating. Reading period is almost upon us, and next week will be our last full week of classes. Before we get sentimental, though, here is some news:

Read this: Students led a protest yesterday, calling on education officials to act quickly to increase funding for city schools.

Know this:  The Whisper app has hit campus, sharing our secrets in real time.

Here’s more: Professor Rita Sharon argues an inextricable link between narrative and medicine.


Spectrum | Nov. 30 1:11 am EST

Find out how to make your own Doritos

It’s late. You’re up. Time to look at these links before you go to sleep (it’s a school night, why are you even awake right now?!).

Color costs extra: Staples has announced that stores will soon be able to do 3-D printing. I don’t even want to think about what over-achieving private school parents are going to put their kids through for school projects after this hits the market.

Amazing: Check out just some of the awesome photos users submitted to the National Geographic photo contest, including an adorable picture of a horse and his rider.

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A&E | Nov. 29 8:04 pm EST
It's (almost) friday

Ready for Goth Cruise?

File photo / Ana Bautista for Spectator

Want to dress up? Listen to great music?

Then consider heading to Goth Cruise, WBAR’s annual winter concert in the Diana Center starting at 7:30 p.m. on Friday—if you dress to impress, you even have the chance of being named Goth Cruise Captain and First Mate.

Staff writer Jenny Payne spoke to WBAR’s Natalie Robehmed, CC ’13, about what to expect.

JP: What’s happening at this year’s WBAR Winter Formal?
NR: This year’s Winter Formal is our third annual Winter Formal, and we’ve themed it Goth Cruise. Last year we had Goth Prom, and it was just a wonderful time.

You can get dressed up in formal wear, goth wear, or cruise wear, and come out and have a great time. We’re going to have three acts.

Our opening band is called Household, who play really fun post-punk music. This is a very rare show for them because they rarely play live. Our second band is a really awesome band called Midnight Magic — they play super danceable funk-infused disco and they’re just a really fun band.

Our headliner is James Chance and the Contortions who are a really legendary no-wave punk group who were at the forefront of that movement in New York.

We’re also going to name a Goth Cruise Captain and First Mate, like Prom King and Queen but not gendered, and also a photobooth where you can take pictures with your friends.

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Spectrum | Nov. 29 7:54 pm EST

A breakdown of the changes to the Arts Initiative and the response from student arts leaders

This evening, Arts Initiative Executive Director Melissa Smey announced that changes are being made to the program, also known as CUArts. These include filling the role of associate director of CUArts and forming a student advisory group.

These changes have dated back to early this month when Will Hughes, CC ’13 and Columbia College Student Council vice president for policy, started a petition asking for more funding for CUArts and for it to be led by a full-time director who would oversee a larger staff.

In response to Smey’s statement, the student group Advocates for the Arts Initiative, of which Hughes is a leader, said that more needs to be done, including an even more drastic restructuring of the administration of CUArts and the hiring of more administrators.

Smey’s email—which was not sent to all Columbia students, but to the Friends of the Arts at Columbia in lieu of her usual newsletter—and the Advocates’ statement, sent to Spectator, are after the jump.

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The Eye | Nov. 29 7:08 pm EST
Eye Drop

Eye Drop: Highlights from this week’s magazine

Last March, Bwog, the blog of the Blue and White, announced that Obama would be delivering the Barnard class of 2012 Commencement speech. And unless you were living in the stacks or under a large, urban rock, you heard about, perused, or maybe even contributed to the long thread of comments, largely comprised of attacks on Barnard students, under the blog post. Talk on the subject has since subsided considerably, but in this week’s lead, Margaret Boykin brings the issue back to the forefront. [Lead]

“Far East” and “fast food” are the new buzzwords when it comes to New York City eats. Brea Salim explores the growing trend of Asian-fusion fast food. [Food]

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