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The Eye | Mar. 31 11:32 pm EST
Bounce bounce bounce

Throwback artists we wanted to see at Bacchanal

In honor of last night’s announcement of Big Gigantic as the headliner for this year’s Bacchanal, I’ve decided to make a list of a few performers that should have been in the running and would have matched better with the theme of Baccha90s, namely, throwbacks to the turn of the century (weird, right?). Either way, though, we do get to see a free concert, so life is pretty good even without these throwback acts.

Baha Men
I, for one, would have been content if the Baha Men had been hired to play “Who Let the Dogs Out” on a loop for a few hours.
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Spectrum | Mar. 31 9:08 pm EST

The Question Asker


Last week you learned about the I’m-not-a-hipster Hipster, the friend (or enemy) you’ve never seen without a fedora, weird scarf, or obnoxious apathetic spirit. Today we discuss the person practically everyone hates, the Question Asker.

You know who I’m talking about. We all know that person in class who makes you want to say, “Oh, I didn’t know we got a new professor. I bet nobody ever thought about the similarities between The Aeneid and The Inferno, maybe you should teach the class…LOL NOT.”

What you’ll hear them say

The Statement Question (said at random, not in response to anything): “Correct me if I’m wrong, but…[insert useless statement here that somehow uses the term 'heteronormative' or 'social construct'].”

The Personal Anecdote That is Obviously Not a Question: “You know, Don Quixote’s independent spirit really reminds me of this time when my sister and I were on the playground and…” Okay who am I kidding, it’s always the GS students, “You know, this scene with Aeneas really reminds me of the day in 1985 when Ronald Reagan and I were playing shuffleboard…” More »


Opinion | Mar. 31 7:38 pm EST

Not a witty fool

cogdogblog / flikr

Tomorrow is that wonderous and magical day of the year when families and friends come together to annoy each other with failed jokes, hoaxes, and taunts.  Even from a young age, I’ve never been very successful at this holiday—my attempts at pranks usually elicited unconvinced eye rolling or angry tears (pretending your twin is stuck in the washing machine is not so funny to Mom, it turns out).

But I’m due for a blog post and the day is upon us.  So, since I can’t give you any advice about this tender holiday, instead I offer a list of things you might be wishing were April Fool’s pranks:

1. The Bacchanal concert line-up. More »


Sports | Mar. 31 5:58 pm EST
Who's hot, Who's not

If you play with a bat or shoot with a bow, you’re definitely hot this week

Spec File Photo

In this week’s “Who’s hot, who’s not,” we’ve got baseball and softball victories, world-class archers, and a lament for the lost underdog.

Who’s hot?

Sports that require a bat

The softball team has won three of their last four games, and baseball has also turned it around by winning three straight after three heartbreaking losses.

The Lions seem to be on the upswing for sports that require a bat as they enter into Ivy play this weekend. Solid pitching has proved crucial to both teams in their success. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 31 5:36 pm EST

Fall 2012 classes are up!

What? It's already time for registration?/Courtesy

Check here to see what will be on offer next semester. Registration for rising seniors begins on April 9th, April 10th for rising juniors, and April 11th for rising sophomores. You’ll only get until the 13th to finalize your choices, at least until the next semester actually starts, so expect to see a deluge of “What do you guys think of this class/professor/major?” questions on your Facebook home page over the next two weeks.

Update: Advance program filing for Barnard students will open at 10:00 am on Monday, April 2nd and end on 6:00 pm on Tuesday, April 17th.


A&E | Mar. 31 3:42 pm EST

What you’ll see at Latenite

Not exactly what the Black Box looks like, but.../Courtesy bigorangelandmarks.blogspot
In just under two hours, Latenite Theatre presented eight student-written plays as part of its Spring 2012 Anthology.

Although the plays represent the work of six different students, they all shared a similar thread of raunchiness and humor.

The situations presented to the audience ranged from the Columbia dating scene to the mind of a playwright, the lives of sperm inside a penis, a so-called AA meeting, a fractured fairytale, and a funeral.

Without giving too much away, highlights included “Blast Off!” by Dan Aprahamian, SEAS ’12; “The Lady is a Vamp” by Lizzie Logan, CC ’14; and “To Dust” by Jacob Marx Rice’s, CC ’12. More »


The Shaft | Mar. 31 1:02 pm EST
some advice

The Last Supper: Introducing The Board, protocols, and some other stuff

Wikimedia Commons

We’ve got fewer than 48 hours before the first group picks into a glorious, glorious suite. Not much to say (but do check after the jump for live maps for Suite Selection).

First, here’s the suite-picking protocol (sorry—like airplane safety tutorials, these always gotta come first).


1) Get your ass into John Jay Lounge before your appointment time.

2) Grab some candy. Housing always has airheads and Reese’s.

3) In the lounge there’ll be a bunch of floor plans. Check them out and pick a room you like.

4) Let the Housing people know which room you picked, at which then you’ll be ushered into the backroom of the John Jay Lounge to finalize your selection. More »


A&E | Mar. 31 10:56 am EST
in defense of delicious

Don’t watch this if you’re feeling hungry

Jason Bell takes a trip to Harlem to for adventurous tacos and the most delicious cream puff that you will ever watch anyone eat on camera. Read more about his experience here.


Spectrum | Mar. 31 1:00 am EST

Guess who’s coming to Bacchanal?

The theme for this year’s Bacchanal, Baccha90s, has already been announced. Tonight, we know the performers. The student opening act will be the Spicy Special Crew. Then there are three main acts, and they are: Wavves, Curren$y, and the headline act will be Big Gigantic. Check after the jump to see some of the work of each musical act and judge for yourself what you think of this year’s selection!

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Opinion | Mar. 30 10:03 pm EST

Confessions of an early riser

While the hullabaloo surrounding the introduction of an 8:40 a.m. class start time is perfectly justified given the sleep schedules of most undergraduates, the situation has been awkward for those of us on campus who routinely awake well before then. We nod and put on a suitably pained face when our friends bring it up. We offer our sympathies, perhaps, and move on, never wanting to seem out of touch or uncool to the slumbering masses.

I am hardly an exemplar of the wakey-wakey tendency at Columbia, and I don’t mean to speak on the true early risers’ behalf. Varsity athletes with early morning practices, committed joggers with calves so defined they could cut you, and all sorts of other “morning people” have basked in the rays of the early sunlight much more than I have. But if 7:30 in the morning to a college student is 4:30 to a normal adult (which I believe has been proven by, like, science or whatever), then I think I would have to qualify as an early riser. More »