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A&E | Feb. 29 10:42 pm EST

‘Solomon Is a Genius’: Meet Hillary Kritt of the Varsity Show

Courtesy of Hillary Kritt

For the first installment of an ongoing series about the various wacky students that make up the Varsity Show cast and crew, Christin Zurbach sat down with Hillary Kritt, BC ’12, a board member of the Columbia Musical Theater Society (CMTS) and one of the producers of this year’s Varsity Show.

Christin Zurbach: Why the Varsity Show?
Hillary Kritt: I’m a theater student, and a lot of the work I do in theater I only reach a certain audience, but the varsity show is the one show on campus where you can actually reach the whole University population.

That’s really important to me because Columbia is not so much a school that has a lot of those types of things, so the varsity show is one of our main traditions. Also, on a personal level, I am going into commercial theater, which is more about getting people to see theater who don’t normally see theater, or who wouldn’t normally consider seeing theater, and that’s more indicative of a Varsity Show audience. It’s more of a challenge. It’s more interesting. More »


The Eye | Feb. 29 8:46 pm EST
so over

How my liberal arts education ruined my love of Bernini

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

When I was first exposed to Bernini’s work in my high school Art History class, I immediately understood why this guy is considered one of the best sculptors. Ever.

Have you seen his Apollo and Daphne? The variety of texture that he is able to create with just marble is amazing.

And his Rape of Persephone—it isn’t stone. No, they are actual people with actual flesh. You just have to see it to believe it. Such works of art leave you in complete awe of Bernini’s sculptural prowess. (Note that he was only 23 when he sculpted the Persephone. 23!).

I wish I could keep gushing about Bernini’s sculptures, but then I read Ovid’s Metamorphoses for Lit Hum, and notably, that story about Apollo and Daphne. Which reminded me that the story is basically Apollo’s attempt to rape Daphne.

So one of my favorite sculptures ever is about rape. Great.

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Spectrum | Feb. 29 6:30 pm EST

This won’t help the Columbia / Barnard relationship

This series is all about celebrating the Little Victories here at Columbia. If you didn’t catch the latest post, we left our heroine #winning when her language class showed a film. This week, her school triumphed in a notable way.

I’ve been nervously checking my computer for the CC Class Day speaker announcement, worried that it would make me look like a fool given my past sentiments.

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Sports | Feb. 29 3:55 pm EST
A Second Opinion

Is it time to do away with All-Star games?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

All-Star games have been an important part of sports culture for a long time in this country. Each of the “big three” (NFL, MLB, and NBA) has All-Star games where the fans get to vote to see some of their favorite players from across their respective leagues on the same team at the same time.

In theory, the concept of All-Star games is great. I mean, what’s better than seeing Kobe and Chris Paul versus Wade and Dwight Howard? The idea of watching Drew Brees throw to Donald Driver while Von Miller and Ray Lewis try to get a sack is pretty appealing as well.

But the thing is—in most All-Star games, you rarely to never see players actually on defense. And to me, that begs the question: Why should we watch something that isn’t even the sport we love? More »


Spectrum | Feb. 29 3:21 pm EST
Class Day

Class Day speaker announced: John MacArthur

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Columbia College’s Senior Class Council has announced that John “Rick” MacArthur will be the speaker at Class Day.

MacArthur, CC ’78, is the president and publisher of Harper’s Magazine, as well as an award-winning journalist (he is also on Spectator’s Board of Trustees). He has written three non-fiction books about current affairs, his most recent being 2008′s You Can’t Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to Democracy in America.

See the full text of the Senior Class Council’s email after the jump, and check back for updates.   More »


Opinion | Feb. 29 2:06 pm EST

Provost Coatsworth, a welcome presence

Courtesy of Columbia University

On Monday night I had the privilege of attending President Bollinger’s fireside chat, which was in response to the recent controversy regarding the NYPD’s reported surveillance of Muslim students across the northeast, including Columbia’s own Muslim Students Association. I was also present at the Chaplain’s town hall on the subject last night.

I leave the review of these discussions to others who feel the pain of this event more profoundly and have a much better understanding of what wrongs have been done. I myself am chilled by the reports of the NYPD actively watching a religious student group without any cause, but the shock and disgust of such things happening are better verbalized elsewhere.

Instead, for this post I’ll address a different aspect of the fireside chat and town hall—the presence of Columbia’s new provost, former Dean of SIPA John Coatsworth. As of Feb. 17, he dropped “interim” from his title, but Coatsworth has been largely quiet and disconnected from undergraduate life. This fact is not unusual for a University administrator (and completely understandable given his very short tenure). However, all of this changed on Monday night. More »


The Shaft | Feb. 29 12:00 pm EST
meaningful events

Registration is open! The Last Pre-Supper of room selection (UPDATED: UAH floor plans are up!)

Spec file photo

Hola, the Housing portal thingy is open now for Columbia students and Barnardians.

You have until Mar. 8 to register (or Mar. 7 if you’re a Barnard student). Register here.

1) Here are some tips to avoid fucking up:

a) For rising sophomores, please, please, please—if you sign up for Suite Selection, join in groups of even numbers.

b) Even if you’re studying abroad, you still have to register.

2) Got some last-minute updates?


Update: 6:38 p.m

Yep we do! Housing has published floor plans for the Brownstones. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 29 10:08 am EST

A recurring theme: GSSC wants students to engage

Want to hear the latest developments on the GS gala? Curious about the latest events to which the council will be contributing money? Madina Toure reports with highlights from last night’s General Studies Student Council meeting:

Elections: Appointments for the Election Commission will take place in two weeks, with elections starting in early April.

New appointments: The new VP of finance is Peter Fisher, and the new VP of student events is Scott Bacon. Briana Holmer is GSSC’s new social chair, Arakel Minias is the new International Students representative, and Laura Wasserman is now serving as the four council representative. Amna Pervez and Iban Giocoechea have begun to serve as legislative assistants. The council will be holding a vote for the vacant JTS representative position next week.

Events for Older GS Students: A 58-year-old GS student told GSSC president Jackie Thong that she doesn’t feel like she has any opportunities to interact with GS students in her age group. Thong said that the council will begin a conversation about having more events that cater to older GS students. Thong is currently looking for someone on the council to lead the project. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 29 8:45 am EST

Pink is back

AslanMedia / flickr

Good morning, Columbia! Take a deep breath.

Stop for just one minute, and remind yourself that everything will be ok. You good? Alright, let’s go.

Event of the day: To spread breast cancer awareness, Hillel, Relay for Life, and Alpha Epsilon Pi are encouraging Columbia and Barnard to think twice about their wardrobe today on “Sharsheret Pink Day.” Partner with students all over the world, and put on that pink shirt you haven’t known what to do with since Valentine’s Day.

Read this: “Good morning, America” anchor and CU alum George Stephanopoulos spoke yesterday at a question-and-answer session hosted by CIRCA about the Republican nomination and the general election. [News]

University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis conducted a town hall yesterday to address police surveillance of Muslim students. [News]

Know this: If you’re a senior and unsure about what next year will hold, Emily Tamkin asks you not to worry. [Opinion]

Former Olympian swimmer sophomore Dominik Koll worked hard to come to Columbia, and is making the most of every opportunity. [Sports]

Here’s more: In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the editor’s note regarding the Ahmadinejad invitation.

Weather: High of 43 degrees, with a 100 percent chance of rain.


Spectrum | Feb. 29 1:11 am EST

Apple’s latest iPad, Google, Facebook, Cambodia, and the Olympics

It’s late, you’re up. It’s understandable, since it’s that time of year. Good luck with all your midterms/work!

Actual news

iPad 3: Apple is expected to unveil the latest iteration of the tablet next week. More »