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A&E | Dec. 31 9:13 pm EST
Pregame Playlist

Pregame playlist: NYE edition

Image via Wikimedia Commons

It’s New Year’s Eve! We’ve picked out some tracks to help you usher in 2012 in style.

Stereo Hearts — Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine. The hook is catchy, it brings to mind summer even in the middle of (an admittedly mild) winter, and Adam Levine is a boss.

Give Me Everything — Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer. Nayer. Because we want 2012 to “give me everything tonight,” tomorrow night, and every night. And no, that’s not innuendo. We’re talking about 2012 giving me new opportunities and ambitions, y’all!

Till the World Ends — Britney Spears. It’s 2012, duh.

I Gotta Feeling — The Black Eyed Peas. Dumb, but easy to get drunk to. Mazel tov!

Midnight City — M83. Tonight, every city is a midnight city.

Don’t Wanna Go Home — Jason Derulo. The night will have to end eventually – but for now, it’s barely even gotten started.

Countdown — Beyonce. Hoping in 2012 we can all sing love’s praises as loudly and passionately as Queen B does.

Firework — Katy Perry. If only because it was everywhere in 2011.

What songs are you listening to tonight? Share your recommendations in the comments!


A&E | Dec. 31 5:44 pm EST
Quick Takes

Quick takes for the break: War Horse

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Maybe for the first time all year, you’ve got enough free time to get out and see a movie. Over the break, we’ll provide occasional “quick takes” on movies we’ve seen, briefly covering what we liked, what we didn’t like, and whether it’s worth your time and money. Today: War Horse.

War Horse, both the play and this film adaptation, has been the talk of the town this year.  I simply don’t get the hype.  It’s an exceedingly sentimental tale about a meager horse that somehow overcomes its weaknesses to become a valiant member of the British forces during World War I.  The play — which earned rave reviews and uncanny word-of-mouth traction after it premiered on the West End in 2009 and, after moving to Broadway last spring (when I saw it), won 5 Tony Awards, including Best Play —  relies heavily on puppeteers who inhabit life-size marionette horses.  Spielberg obviously casts this gimmick aside for the film, but replaces it with other contrivances. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 31 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

Actual news, things on Twitter, and a New Year’s Eve song

It’s late. You’re up. Welcome to what is technically the last one eleven of 2011, although we’ll save the end-of-year stuff for tomorrow’s edition. In the meantime, come on in and catch up on some interesting news stories! More »


A&E | Dec. 30 4:51 pm EST
Quick Takes

Quick takes for the break: Tintin

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Maybe for the first time all year, you’ve got enough free time to get out and see a movie. Over the break, we’ll provide occasional “quick takes” on movies we’ve seen, briefly covering what we liked, what we didn’t like, and whether it’s worth your time and money. After the jump: The Adventures of Tintin. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 30 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

Stay warm and catch up on the news

It’s late. You’re up. For those of you who are out of town for the holiday, New York has suddenly gotten pretty darn cold. Of course it’s supposed to be this way in December, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Anyway, hopefully you’re staying warm inside – and there’s nothing on TV right now, so here’s the one eleven. More »


Sports | Dec. 29 8:03 pm EST
ivy recruiting

Lowering the bar? Ivy recruiting with the ‘Academic Index’

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Last week, the New York Times featured a few articles about recruiting athletes in the Ivy League.

The first one examines the impact increased financial aid has had on improving the quality of Ivy athletics. The quality of athletes has generally improved, especially among those from middle-income families, who in the past—when they were offered little to no financial aid—would have opted for the athletic scholarships in other leagues. More »


Sports | Dec. 29 4:27 pm EST
football staff

Mangurian selects coordinators and staff

According to a press release, Columbia’s new head football coach Pete Mangurian has selected the rest of his staff.

Mangurian now has seven coaches on staff, including Ben McDaniels as the offensive coordinator and Kevin Lempa as the defensive coordinator.

Both coordinators bring NFL experience to the table. McDaniels was the former Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach and Lempa served as the defensive line coach while with the San Diego Chargers between 1997 and 1999. Lempa also has experience in the Ancient Eight as he was the defensive coordinator and cornerback coach at Dartmouth between 1991 and 1996.

Here’s a look at the rest of the staff:

  • Ed Argast, offensive line coach. He has been the offensive line coach at Columbia since 2009 and will stay on staff.
  • Aaron Smith, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator. Smith has been the wide receivers coach at Columbia since 2007 and will remain on staff, adding the position of recruiting coordinator to his role.
  • Alvin Smith, defensive line coach.
  • Chad Nice, running backs coach.
  • Gordie Sammis, tight ends coach and assistant offensive lines coach.

Mangurian still has two coaching positions to fill at this time.

See the full press release after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 29 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

Sex, crime, and Michael Caine

It’s late. You’re up. I started writing this on an overheated bus, and I am finishing it back home in New York. The one eleven is still on. More »


Sports | Dec. 28 6:06 pm EST
ivy stars in the pros

Former Harvard point guard signs with the New York Knicks

Courtesy of the Golden State Warriors

The Knicks picked up Harvard’s former star point guard Jeremy Lin off waivers from the Houston Rockets on Dec. 27. Lin is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA, and after going undrafted in 2010 mounted a respectable rookie campaign with the Golden State Warriors by playing in 29 games averaging 9.8 minutes, 2.6 points, and 1.1 steals per game.

However, Lin’s run with the Warriors came to an end in order to free up salary cap space. They released him in November, and the Houston Rockets signed Lin off waivers on Dec. 12, only to release him 12 days later. After a brief uncertainty of the future of his NBA career over Christmas, the Knicks signed Lin, just three days after his release from the Rockets. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 28 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

The blog must go on

It’s late. You’re up. Maybe you’re up? The semester is finally over, so you might be catching up on your sleep. Anyway, if you’re awake just out of habit, here’s the one eleven. This is going to be a short one because, like you, I am still far from New York enjoying the holiday with my family. Let’s get started. More »