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Spectrum | Nov. 30 9:27 pm EST

Thirty in, thirty out: World AIDS Week at Columbia

Today’s story by Lauren Chadwick highlights Columbia’s observance of World AIDS Week, celebrating the theme of thirty in, thirty out.This year commemorates the thirty-year anniversary of the first recognized AIDS case in the United States. More than thirty million victims in the past thirty years have suffered from the disease.

However, recent research (HPTN 052) conducted by the HIV Prevention Trials Network, shows that current AIDS treatment effectively reduces the transmission of the disease between partners by 96 percent. This beacon of hope suggests that a cure is within reach and, as emphasized by the World AIDS Week group, can be obtained within the next thirty years. Several student groups have collaborated this week to spread awareness and raise money to benefit research and prevention campaigns. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 30 4:04 pm EST
GSSC recap

Student Space Project gains support for student lounge

Highlights from last night’s meeting:
  • CCSC Student Affairs Representative Karishma Habbu visited the council to talk about the Student Wellness Project. The idea came from the Columbia Student Forum, a group of students that meets on Tuesday nights to discuss ways to make Columbia better. The idea behind the project was to look at how Columbia approaches different types of wellness, including aesthetic wellness, occupational wellness, mental health, and physical wellbeing. The project is modeled after the Ohio State Student Wellness Page.
  • SGB chair Barry Weinberg also stopped by to speak about the Student Space Project, a joint CCSC and ESC effort also initiated by Columbia Student Forum. The resolution for a student lounge in Lerner was written by Weinberg, Habbu, and ESC Vice President of Policy Logan Donavan. According to Weinberg, CC Interim Dean James Valentini said he would administratively back a student lounge if students “showed what that would mean and got widespread input on it.”
  • CCSC has discussed the idea and will vote on the resolution at their next meeting Sunday night, and ESC passed it during their meeting last week. Weinberg explained that the Student Space Project hasn’t included SGA in governing the new space as they are already able to determine how the Diana Student Center is used. However, SGA has amended the resolution to require their participation.
  • The Student Space Project made a list of required amenities and necessities for a student lounge and is in contact with people who are working with Design for America to draw a floor plan and a mockup model of the lounge some time in the next few weeks before winter break.

A&E | Nov. 30 1:44 pm EST

CU on campus: Nathan Ratapu

In this week’s “CU on Campus,” we’re getting thrifty. Read below for advice from this fashion-forward junior on where to snag the best one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

Plaid shirt: Beacon’s Closet; Chelsea fishbone and claw necklace: Buffalo Exchange; Cheap Monday pants: Beacon’s Closet; boots: 21 Men; belt: Clothes by the Pound More »


Opinion | Nov. 30 11:22 am EST

Do not listen to Spectrum. You need to shave your face.

Ben Smith / flickr

Today is the last day of November, a beautiful month of autumnal weather featuring short but satisfying academic breaks and an opportunity to wear fall jackets. For that, I am sorry. Today is also, however, the last day of No Shave November, a month that celebrates the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decision to, well, not shave. (I’ve also heard of a variant wherein one grows a mustache, but I am not going to humor that in this post.) For that, I rejoice.

It turns out, however, that Spectrum—that is, this very website—is encouraging further validation of the choice to not shave one’s face for an entire month by way of a contest.

I generally hate meta posts, partially because I am never really sure that I am using “meta” correctly, but mostly because I don’t actually think they’re contributive. But this time, I have a very specific contribution: Those of you who are eligible to partake in this contest should instead rectify your earlier mistake (which, again, was to not shave for a month). Why? I’m so glad you asked. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 30 10:00 am EST
wake-up call

A big win for advocacy groups on campus

Courtesy of Active Minds on Campus

Read This: Active Minds, an advocacy group focusing on de-stigmatizing mental health issues, is coming to Columbia. [News]

Student AIDs awareness advocates hold out hope that we’re halfway through the AIDS pandemic. [News]

Know This: The Editorial Board asks the USenate, “What have we accomplished this year, after all?” [Opinion]

Senior basketball player Melissa Schafer won the second spot on Columbia’s all-time three-pointer list. [Sports]

Here’s More: RAs at John Jay are starting a school supply drive for a nearby public school. [News]

Cesar Rodriguez argues for a universal registration time. [Opinion]

Weather: Mostly sunny with a high of 52° and only a 10% chance of rain! Shaking and crying.

Event of the Day: “Film Presentation: We Were Here” (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Miller Theatre) Wafaa El-Sadr, David Hoos, and Robert Gamboa, (International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs) Register here!

Dining: Hewitt has beef pot pie and that infamous Nacho Station. John Jay has a lot of vegetarian options today, but there are still two burger options for the carnivores.


Spectrum | Nov. 30 1:11 am EST
The one eleven

We don’t have Coldstone but we do have killer printers

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It’s late. You’re up. You’re so close to the end of the semester except not really at all whatsoever. It’s okay, I’m crying too.

Best Part: I’m still overjoyed from Michigan’s win over OSU this weekend. Go Blue, yo. Also… spiking the ball on third down? Really? Seriously? Thanks!

Worst Part: This semester needs to end. NOW. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 29 11:09 pm EST
SGA Roundup

What happened before the protesters…

Read today’s story by Emma Goss to learn about the members of Occupy Columbia who interrupted last night’s SGA town hall about Barnard’s finances.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to a presentation and Q&A with Barnard COO Gregory Brown and V.P. of Development Brett Silver:

Does the new enrollment policy really make a difference in Barnard’s finances?

  • The amount of money lost by Barnard from a student in their eighth semester taking only 1 course (1/5 of the tuition) is $12,000. Considering up to 40 students with part-time enrollment, that number reaches $500,000.
  • With an operating deficit of $2.5 million last year, that $500,000 cane be significant.
  • Virtually none of Barnard’s peer institutions have eighth semester reduced tuition, and some even have an early graduation fee.
  • When asked if it is possible to repeal the enrollment policy if enough support is gathered, COO Brown wouldn’t give a direct answer but acknowledged that is was, “more of a no than a yes.” He also said that other budget cuts that are potentially worse for students would have to come if the new policy was repealed.

More »


Spectrum | Nov. 29 9:21 pm EST

Make sure to check out Clothesline this week

Courtesy of TheLocalWord

Today, Take Back the Night set up the Clothesline Project on the Lerner Ramps.

The Clothesline Project is an annual event held to raise awareness about sexual violence. Students and members of the Columbia University of community, whether they are survivors of sexual violence or allies, can decorate plain white t-shirts to illustrate their experiences with sexual assault. The project serves as an opportunity for survivors and allies to anonymously express their feelings on sexual violence in a public setting.

Sexual assault isn’t uncommon, especially on college campuses. Some facts from the Clothesline Project brochure:

  • Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.
  • An estimated 20-25% women in the US. have experienced attempted or completed rapes during their college career
  • 1 in 6 women report experiencing an attempted or completed rape at some time in their lives
  • 1 in 33 men report experiencing an attempted or completed rape sometime in their lives

More »


Opinion | Nov. 29 7:46 pm EST

Epic study music

For this week’s Poll to Poll, we want to know what you’ll be listening to on repeat. Videos after the jump.

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Spectrum | Nov. 29 4:29 pm EST

Watch this since you obviously don’t want to do homework

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“The number one college rule, freshman 101: Never ever, ever, ever get involved with someone on your floor.”

There’s a new web series to hit Columbia and it’s about the awful horror that is Floorcest. We all know that homework isn’t a viable option at this point, so do yourself a favor, take a break, and watch below!