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Spectrum | Sep. 30 11:34 pm EST
profiles in columbia

Profiles in Columbia: 11 p.m. on the first Saturday in Carman

So this is college? For their entire lives the floor has heard that college is a nonstop party. And yet, for the past two nights, nothing has happened. Sure, there have been brief moments of hope — that guy on the end said he knew someone who could get them alcohol—a third cousin once removed he never met until they ran into each other at Hebrew school. Or that sketchy liquor store up in Harlem that has the sign which reads, “21 Means 21ish.” But all of that has come to naught. More »


Spectrum | Sep. 30 9:45 pm EST
Military Veterans

This is what happens when you cut financial aid

Read the full story here.


Opinion | Sep. 30 7:25 pm EST

The dirt on hygiene

In light of Darron Kinney’s “Awkward at CU: You and your hygiene” post, for this week’s Quick and Dirty we asked some of our bloggers to tell us the grossest thing they’ve ever witnessed here at Columbia. It was pretty rough. More »


The Eye | Sep. 30 5:51 pm EST
Eye Drop

Eye Drop: Highlights from this week’s magazine

From Picasso to PONG, Donatello to Donkey Kong. In this week’s lead, Frances Corry investigates video gaming’s evolution as art. [In Focus]

The Help: Female-centric summer blockbuster or just another sentimentalized, white savior movie? [Film + TV] More »


Opinion | Sep. 30 4:23 pm EST

Just Ask Emily: I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

flickr/Simon Thulbourn

In this week’s installment of Just Ask Emily, a reader tries to say farewell to awkward greetings.

Dear Emily,

I was eating with some friends in the dining hall when I made eye contact with an old acquaintance. To keep the conversation from getting too awkward, I acknowledged him and said, “Hey, we went to school together a long time ago” and he replied matter-of-factly, “We did.” Then he walked off and my friends and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the awkward situation. Did I say the wrong thing? Should I have acknowledged him at all? How should I handle run-ins with past acquaintances in the future?


Awkwardly Confused More »


Spectrum | Sep. 30 2:54 pm EST

Radiohead possibly might be playing at 4 p.m. for Occupy Wall Street protestors maybe (UPDATED: definitely not)

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Earlier, someone leaked to Gawker that Radiohead was playing a surprise show for the protesters. Then Occupy Wall Street confirmed it… and Radiohead’s spokesperson denied it. Occupy Wall Street maintains their story, though, claiming they have “email confirmation,” and that it’s still on. More »


Spectrum | Sep. 30 1:54 pm EST
Let's Debate

The perils of reality TV addiction

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ever find yourself watching the Jersey Shore, unable to tear your eyes from the juice heads and tiny tan people on the screen? Ever find yourself wanting to hear about the pressing issue of reality TV addiction from your classmates? More »


Sports | Sep. 30 12:04 pm EST
marching band

Football at Princeton tomorrow: CUMB video

Spec File Photo

Columbia Athletics will be providing a fan bus to tomorrow’s Princeton game, even though it’s away. It will leave from the Broadway gates Saturday at 3:30 p.m. (Update: CU canceled the fan bus).

Of course, CUMB has thoughts on all of this.


Spectrum | Sep. 30 11:33 am EST
Wake-up call

Much ado about financial aid

Flickr // Parent Stuff

Read this: Il Cibreo (aka Campo II, aka Pertutti III) remakes itself to cater to mature, discerning patrons. Both are in short supply in Morningside. [News]

Know this: GS expects fewer veteran students due to GI Bill changes. [News]

And the big news nationally for colleges is that more and more are taking a peek at needs for admission. [News]

Here’s more: It’s apparently a big trend for UK students to post pictures of themselves with signs showing their massive debt loads. More »


Spectrum | Sep. 30 1:11 am EST
the one eleven

Get yourself an island

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

At first I thought Andy Samberg was in my Shakespeare class today, but then I realized it was just a student who looks ridiculously like Andy Samberg.

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