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The Shaft | Aug. 31 10:21 pm EST

Columbia and Barnard have made some Housing renovations

Courtesy of Barnard College

Like massage chairs in PrezBo’s mansion, they’re everywhere! I’m not quite Spec’s former EIC Ben Cotton, but I’ll do my best to go through all of Housing’s renovations.

These upgrades make ____  the shit!

Carman Hall more than any other dorm, was branded with the type of BIG WINNER STATUS that you usually only see on sketchy websites in Comic Sans that link to Tanzania. Housing is creating a new fitness room in their basement (which should be finished by the end of the semester), and all Carman floor lounges got flatscreen TVs. Considering that Carman was already the best dorm (by far), you might as well unfurl a Miami Heat banner on their roof. More »


Spectrum | Aug. 31 7:49 pm EST

Registration for the tenth annual Fun Run opens tomorrow

Do you like to run? Do you like to start running, experience shortness of breath, and walk the rest of the way? Want to exercise alongside your University President? You’re in luck!

Registration for the tenth annual Fun Run with President Bollinger starts tomorrow, September 1st, at 10 a.m. Even if you don’t think of yourself as particularly athletic, the event is advertised as a 5K Run/Walk. The race will kick-off at 8:15 a.m. on September 9th at College Walk.

The event is open to all Columbia students, staff, and faculty. To register and read more about the event, click here.


Spectrum | Aug. 31 5:58 pm EST

People are playing on the lawns!

Finn Vigeland / Spec

Yay! There’s a green flag! Enjoy it while you can. Seriously.


Spectrum | Aug. 31 3:43 pm EST

Does Orlando Bloom have better abs than Achilles? The first Lit Hum lecture has the answer

Hahn Chang, CC ’15, was at yesterday’s first Lit Hum lecture of the year. His reflection is below.

Over 1100 students, spanning 49 states (except poor old…whichever state isn’t represented) entered carrying 1099 copies of Robert Fitzgerald’s translation of The Iliad. Being the one person who had put all his notes in the incorrect version of The Iliad (Robert Fagles’ version), I felt a tad embarrassed as I sat alongside my fellow 2015 CC’ers. Professor Christia Mercer, chair of Lit Hum, introduced us to our Lit Hum journey—the paradoxes we would untangle, and the questions we would answer in our search for wisdom in an examined life. After reviewing the sexual innuendo in the theatrical poster for Troy and setting up the five big questions for our year of Lit Hum, Professor Mercer divided us into groups to answer some of these questions based on Iliad excerpts we (were supposed to have) read this summer. More »


Spectrum | Aug. 30 11:32 pm EST

So you’ve decided to transfer

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Spectrum’s transfer expert and News Editor Leah Greenbaum offers her tips on a smooth, chillaxing transfer experience.

This is my last year at Columbia and the first one when I’ll finally stop introducing myself as a “transfer student” to everyone I meet. During my freshman year at UC Berkeley (go Bears!) I longed to be at Columbia, my dream school, where I was sure I’d fit in. One year and some paperwork later, I was surprised to find that, even at Columbia, I stuck out like a bear cub in a lion’s den—or at least I imagined I did. Here are some tips to ease into life at Columbia when you feel like that old weirdo with no friends.

People will always ask you why you transferred. Always. Forever. Come up with a pithy one-sentence answer that isn’t “I really wanted to go to an Ivy League”. Mine is: “I was having a rough weekend so I filled out the app and I was so surprised that I got in, I just couldn’t turn it down [charming smile]!” More »


Sports | Aug. 30 7:53 pm EST
Summer wrap-up

While you were out…

Courtesy of Columbia Athletics

In the midst of all this mess with Irene, sports is here to take your mind off all the wind and rain with a good ol’ catch-you-up. Since school officially let out for the summer, there has been plenty of news coming out of our athletic department. Follow the jump to catch up on all that’s happened in this summer wrap-up. More »


A&E | Aug. 30 4:00 pm EST

GS student pairs up with Yale beatboxing cellist in new music video

Courtesy of Raghul Sridharan

Who says pre-med students can’t make a tune? Antoniette Costa, GS ’12, may be studying cosmetic dentistry, but she’s been writing her own original songs since the 7th grade and released her first full-length album in 2005. A dual citizen of the United States and Italy, Antoniette is influenced by musicians ranging from Tracy Chapman to soul singer Jazmine Sullivan and has played Manhattan venues such as Le Poisson Rouge alongside DJs Questlove and Samantha Ronson.

Costa recently teamed up with Yale alum (and YouTube sensation) Kevin “K.O.” Olusola, also pre-med, whom she met through a mutual friend at Wyclef Jean’s studio in New Jersey. The two collaborated on one of Costa’s songs, “Void of a Legend”, and it debuted at No. 51 on the U.S. iTunes Classical Music Chart alongside Yo-Yo Ma and Andrea Bocelli tracks. Click here to download the single on iTunes. Check out the video after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Aug. 30 12:06 pm EST

Harrison David checks into Rikers Island

Harrison David, SEAS ’12, began serving his 3 1/2 month sentence at Rikers Island this morning, the New York Post reports. On July 19, David plead guilty to criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree, making him the first of the Columbia 5 to be convicted for the group’s alleged crimes. According to the Post report, David gave “an emotional courtroom hug” to his father before turning himself in, even though the two feuded publicly after the initial arrests.

David was sentenced to 6 months total, but will be able to leave in mid-December thanks to to good behavior and the time he served prior to his conviction.

For the full history of the December 2010 drug bust and its implications, see our Year in Review profile of the scandal.


Orientation | Aug. 29 11:11 pm EST
freshman fifteen

Scavenger Hunt: Venture forth freshmen!

This post marks the end of our Freshman Fifteen series. Head out to the big college in the sky now! Make friends and explore the nooks and crannies of Columbia for the following items in our scavenger hunt. More »


Orientation | Aug. 29 3:00 pm EST
freshman fifteen

What you should say during NSOP (hint: not your SAT scores)

The Freshman Fifteen, our guide to assimilating in the MoHi community, is near its close. In this penultimate post, we give you tips on starting a conversation during NSOP so you’re not stuck talking about the hurricane. More »