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A&E | Jul. 31 4:37 pm EST

Manchester Diner will replace West Way Cafe, a Hibachi restaurant is in MoHi

Leah Greenbaum / Spec

Remember when we told you that West Way Cafe was closing its doors? Well now it’s officially being replaced by Manchester Diner (see photos below). Hopefully it won’t be too difficult for the new management to fill West Way’s shoes—it was pretty much your standard American diner: average food and generous portions. As long as Manchester serves up bottomless coffee, a buttery stack of pancakes, solid burgers and extra greasy fries, we’re on board. More »


Spectrum | Jul. 29 12:59 pm EST

Top dogs in student gov’t, including CCSC and ESC presidents, call for debt deal

Courtesy of Flickr

One word greets you as you enter the homepage of the site  Do We Have a Deal Yet?: NO.

CCSC president Aki Terasaki and ESC president Nate Levick have joined a growing body of over 120 student government presidents from across the country, calling on our leaders in Washington to “stop thinking about the next election, and start thinking about the next generation” as they attempt to solve the national deficit debacle.

The site, created by students at Georgetown, demands an end to partisan gridlock to raise the debt ceiling and reach a compromise that addresses the nation’s Armadebtadon. More »


The Eye | Jul. 28 11:52 pm EST
Back 2 School

Editor’s Ten: School Nostalgia

So it’s almost August (otherwise known as “the dog days of summer”) and, well, some of us are ready to go back to MoHi. As Eyesites editor Margaret Boykin put it:

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are excited about heading back to school, because these are the days that summer begins to lose its glory. It’s around the time you start crying in front of your broken AC, clutching your empty wallet and reminiscing about fall breezes and the days when the gross dining hall was only a few blocks away, when the only job you had was homework, the only person you reported to was (sometimes) your parents, and your friends all lived next door.

We asked the editors of The Eye to summarize why they’re nostalgic for school, in six words or less.

At school the weekend starts Thursday.

- Liana Gergely

Tortilla. Rice. Beans. Steak. Salsa. Chipotle.

- Nicollette Barsamian More »


Spectrum | Jul. 27 9:49 pm EST

What do you think?

And what should we name this place?

A new lounging space in front of the LLC


The Eye | Jul. 23 2:38 pm EST
movie magic

Harry Potter and The Conflicted Fan


As a Harry Potter fan, last weekend was weird. I didn’t see the eighth movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, and I couldn’t decide if I would eventually. I spent a lot of time on and Facebook, and let the stream of rave reviews, record-breaking box office totals and excited friend-chatter wash over me.

Although my love for the books runs deep (to the extent of midnight release parties and membership) I’ve never liked the movies much. There’s no one reason, but they’ve just never compared to what was in my imagination (with an assist from illustrator Mary GrandPré). The look of the films always seemed wrong to me, somehow, and they were never capable of generating the tension or interest of even a fifth re-reading of one of the novels.

And I never really accepted them as a substitute after the series ended. Maybe I’m the only person who could have directed a Harry Potter series that would have satisfied me, or maybe it’s simply impossible. But I never related when fellow fan friends talked about how much they loved the movies. More »


The Eye | Jul. 22 5:36 pm EST
Dolla' Dolla' Bill, Y'all

What you can buy for a dollar in: Hong Kong

Internships in any location, any language, any industry (except, maybe, in finance) mean long hours and little pay. In Hong Kong, where I’m interning this summer, minimum wage is still a relatively new concept—so every dollar counts. These are the things I could buy with said dollar.

1 USD = 7.8 HKD

3 empty DVD cases in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The computer district in Wan Chai can be a little hectic but its a must-go for tech enthusiasts on the budget. At a electronic accessories store, I passed this gem of a purchase. These three cases cost almost as much as the DVDs that go inside them.

More »


Spectrum | Jul. 22 1:28 pm EST

Skateboarding predator arrested for groping a succession of females at Columbia

carlo5ivestars / Flickr

UPDATE (5:06 p.m.): Here’s the full story from the News Desk’s Finn Vigeland. The alleged sexual abuser was also shirtless and wearing a straw fedora.

This is pretty unbelievable. The Gothamist reports that a young male yesterday afternoon decided to skateboard down Broadway and grope pretty much every female in sight. The skateboarder by the time police caught him had allegedly “grabbed around 6 other girls around the same time and place.”

Here’s the account of the incident from one of the sexual predator’s victims:

I’m currently teaching at a Summer camp near Columbia university. Today, as I was walking back to camp after lunch, on BROADWAY, about 1:15 pm, a guy on a skateboard was approaching me. He looks like a student, certainly not out of place. As he passes he reaches over and grabs my breast!

I didn’t know what to think for the first 30 seconds, it was so odd! Luckily, I was right near the Columbia security booth so I immediately went there, spoke to them, and called 911.

According to commenter Will Parker cops “tackled, tazed, maced and, after he threw a punch to a cop, wrapped him in this crazy body bag thing.” The takedown apparently happened on 111th and Broadway.

Yikes. There’ll be a full news story from us later.


A&E | Jul. 21 3:39 pm EST

REVIEW: Cascabel Taqueria is a welcome addition to MoHi

Geetika Rudra / Spec

Combine the inexpensive, delicious tacos from Taqueria y Fonda with the upscale tapas bar ambiance of Buceo 95 and you’ve got the newly opened Cascabel Taqueria on the corner of 108th and Broadway (previously Lime Leaf).

Instead of the hodgepodge of tables that cluster outside of restaurants lining Broadway, Cascabel’s storefront is almost like a backyard patio. Brightly cushioned benches and seasonal plants surround a single table for waiting customers, keeping the space open and airy. Walk in, and the entire restaurant gives a similar feeling. Cascabel forgoes traditional walls on its street sides in favor of glass panels that fold away, making customers feel like they’re both part of the restaurant and the bustling street outside—a brilliant illusion that made us think that we were dining in a much, much larger restaurant. More »


Meta | Jul. 20 7:19 pm EST

Speak your mind… in Spec!

adria.richards / flickr

You have thoughts. We have a newspaper. Let’s make this happen.

On August 16, we’re accepting columnist, blogger, Editorial Board, and cartoonist applications.

Which one should you apply to?

Well, all of them. But here’s what each position entails:

  • Members of the Editorial Board meet twice a week to determine the content of our staff editorials, which communicate Spectator’s views on important campus issues. The Editorial Board is “the voice of the paper.”
  • Columnists publish pieces on the Opinion page once every two weeks. They work with the editorial staff to prepare each piece for publication. A good column will have a distinctive beat or theme.
  • Bloggers publish pieces on Spectrum about once a week. Their posts are typically shorter and more focused than full-length columns. Bloggers have the most flexibility in their content and often use lists, graphics, or interactive features to connect with readers.
  • Cartoonists draw comics that appear on the Opinion page or Spectrum once every week. A good comic will be visually attractive, Columbia-relevant, and, of course, funny. Illustrators draw artwork for op-eds that appear on the editorial page and can have varying commitment levels.

For all of these positions, students who have strong opinions on life at Columbia will be the best candidates. Contact if you have any questions.


Spectrum | Jul. 20 6:20 pm EST

Columbia’s getting a makeover

The walkway next to College Walk and a new outdoor dining space outside of the LLC are undergoing construction developments. Our beloved walkway shortcut is revamping its pavement and including a separate power line for commencement next year.

And we’re finally going to be able to eat our John Jay salads at tables right outside the LLC—with gravel underneath.

Cheers for maintenance!