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The Eye | Jun. 30 4:06 pm EST
New Kid on the block

14 questions for Jacob Wysocki

Jacob Wysocki in Terri. Courtesy ScreenCrave.

Comedian Jacob Wysocki makes his feature film debut this summer in the Sundance hit Terri. Alongside Creed from the office and indie stalwart John C. Reilly, he plays a charming obese teenager struggling to navigate the loneliness of high school. The Eye met with Jacob to discuss his newfound fame. Later he invited us to a party. So we think he’s a nice guy and he made a good movie.

So, this is your big break, huh?

Yes, this is it. This is the moment people want.

You dropped out of UCLA? We assume to join the ranks of Jim Morrison and James Dean and sail away into famous infamy.

That is false. But I love that they printed that. So I’m going to say yes. But it is not true. I dropped out of school. But not UCLA. I dropped out of community college that had the same initials. I read it, I was like yeah. I think it makes me seem way smarter. So I’ll stick with the lie. More »


A&E | Jun. 30 1:01 am EST

Chipotle raises prices

CAUT / flickr

¡Ay, caramba! Following the lead of Oren’s and Maoz, our dear Chipotle is also hopping on board the inflation train. For the first time in three years, the Mexican chain is raising prices up 50 cents across the board. A chicken or veggie burrito is now $7.81 and a steak, carnitas, or barbacoa burrito will run you $8.27. What’s the reason for these price hikes? According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Chipotle is pressured by rising commodity costs, as well as the increasing price of avocados (we’re guessing that they need a lot). Feel free to express your grief in the comments.


Meta | Jun. 29 11:11 pm EST
24 hours

It’s the final countdown

jordie / Flickr

We’re kicking back the Daily Editor application deadline from 11:11 a.m. to 11:11 p.m. today, which means that this semester’s Daily Editor application is due in less than 24 hours.

You can fill out an application here, or check here for a job description of what these good folks do.

Good luck!


Spectrum | Jun. 29 9:38 am EST

BREAKING: SIPA dean John Coatsworth named interim University Provost

Courtesy of Columbia University

According to an email sent today from President Bollinger, SIPA dean John Coatsworth will assume the interim provost position starting July 1.

Coatsworth will continue his current post as SIPA dean, a position he has held since 2008. Check the full email after the jump and check later for a full story from the News desk. More »


The Eye | Jun. 28 7:08 pm EST
Bookin' It

Kaling mailing it in?

Reading the recently released excerpt of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, the forthcoming book from Mindy Kaling (writing/producer/director/customer service ditz Kelly Kapoor on The Office), I had the sense that she’d make a great advice columnist for 14-year-olds. It’s not that anything she says is wrong, really (except for the bizarre part where she makes fun of people who don’t get LASIK), it was just cliché, and sort of condescending.

Did you know that being unpopular in high school doesn’t doom you for life? Did you know that one-night-stands might not be amazing? Did you know that you shouldn’t say “retarded”? If not, Mindy Kaling is here to help! While sounding like one of those books your parents give you when you’re 12 to explain adolescence: “Later, when you’re grown up, you realize you never get to hang out with your family. You pretty much only have 18 years to spend with them full-time and that’s it.” Thank God there’s a cool 31-year-old around to tell us this stuff. More »


Sports | Jun. 28 9:53 am EST

Cornell lacrosse star nominated for ESPY

Courtesy of the Cornell Sun

The ESPYs are like the Oscars of sports. Every year, ESPN nominates a select few athletes for multiple categories and the fans subsequently decide who wins. For the Best Male College Athlete category, Cornell’s rising senior Rob Pannell was nominated.

Fill out our poll and then check out the Ivy Leaguer’s accomplishments and the competition for the award after the jump.

More »


Meta | Jun. 25 2:46 pm EST

Apply to be a Daily Editor!

Part of our generous benefits package (purseblog / Flickr)

What does this weekend mean? It means there’s less than one week left to apply to be a Daily Editor! Apply HERE sometime before 6/30 11:11 a.m. EST.

To rehash why you should, below is our benefits package:

  • Most importantly, you’d get free food at our weekly meetings. I’ll be sure to bring lobster at least once.
  • You’d get to write in a prominently displayed space that most of Columbia reads.
  • If you’re a lover of challenges, you’d be a part of a project with so much room to grow.
  • IT’S FUN (and there’s free food).

And below is the infinitely noble work you would do:

  • You’d write some. You would be responsible for maintaining your own weekly series (about anything you want), writing the One Eleven, and writing other scattered, interesting posts.
  • You’d oversee blogging on your day. Part of the job description of Daily Editor is to make sure the blog doesn’t crash, burn, and disintegrate on your day. The Daily Editor writes some, but not most (and definitely not all) of the posts on his/her day. For other posts, it would be your job to edit them and transform them into spiffy masterpieces.
  • You’d think—a lot. Spectrum is a big work in progress. There are tons of unexplored series ideas, many pitches to be unearthed, and infinite improvements to refine Spectrum institutionally. We love hearing ideas.

That’s the job! As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the position. Feel free to email me here.

Mikey Zhong, Spectrum Editor


The Eye | Jun. 24 11:06 pm EST
Hip, Hipster, Hooray

Notes from an Experiment in Film and Sound

Wikimedia Commons

As with all things, I was first invited on Facebook. At final count, 668 people were supposedly attending. My cultural companion and I, having greeted one another on the steps of the Met, flashed our college IDs at the desk, effectively forgoing a donation with little to no guilt, and settling in, could not help but note that the auditorium where this free event was taking place—a night with Cinema 16 at the Met—couldn’t have seated more than 300. We also took time to comment on the comfort of the seats—they slide back ever so slightly—and the rather womb-like effect of modern event spaces, aggregated here by a warm striated wood. More »


Spectrum | Jun. 24 7:12 pm EST

A public toilet behind Avery: Bob the Pavilion

If you’ve been around campus lately, you might have spotted a white canopy floating behind Avery. Some reception with free food? An information tent for highschoolers on their college tour? Oh, no. It’s a pavilion for a public, composting toilet. Meet Bob. More »


A&E | Jun. 24 3:09 pm EST

REVIEW: Can Il Cibreo be the next Campo?

Geetika Rudra / Spec

This week Italian eatery (and popular nightlife spot) Campo bid farewell to MoHi and in its place Il Cibreo opened up its doors to MoHi for the first time on Wednesday night.

Restaurant openings in our area run the gamut. Harlem’s Red Rooster, riding on the coattails of its ‘Top Chef Masters’ winning cook Marcus Samuelsson, debuted on its opening night with fanfare enthusiastically supplied by New York City’s culinary elite. Sip on Amsterdam enjoyed a bustling and successful opening night after a Blitzkrieg of marketing and promotions gave discounts and coupons to customers. Lacking Red Rooster’s celebrity or Sip’s promise of free food, Il Cibreo’s opening night fell short; perhaps because Wednesday night was more of a facelift debut than restaurant opening. More »