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Spectrum | May. 31 10:24 pm EST

NYC groceries may actually be cheap

Are groceries in the Big Apple overpriced? According to Columbia researchers David Weinstein and Jessie Handbury, not at all. In fact, they say, groceries in the City are cheaper than in most other regions in the country.

Some people featured in that WSJ article were skeptical:

“Hell no,” said Tina Smith, a 47-year-old mother of two shopping at the Pathmark in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Center. “There’s inflation in New York.”

Brittany Dierken wasn’t too pleased either:

“I’m heading to get a steak for my boyfriend, which is going to cost me my first born, I think.”

I was skeptical too, so I did what any ordinary person would do. I made a competition out of this, taking neat HD-photos of food (and toothpaste). More »


A&E | May. 28 9:54 pm EST

Roundup of Memorial Day weekend events in NYC

ifotog / flickr

Not heading east this weekend for a fabulous beach house party? Worry not. For those of you who are enjoying a staycation in and around NYC this holiday, there are plenty of events in Manhattan and beyond where you can commemorate those who gave their lives in service to our country and unofficially kick off summer. Spectrum has compiled a list of fun activities after the jump. More »


Sports | May. 28 12:41 pm EST
Grand Prix

CU fencer takes eighth in Seoul Grand Prix

Henry Wilson / Spec

Rising sophomore Nzingha Prescod has become the first American woman foilist to finish in the top-eight in a fencing Grand Prix since 2004. More »


Spectrum | May. 27 5:54 pm EST

PrezBo signs NROTC agreement with Navy Secretary, also ruffles hair

The boat PrezBo stood on yesterday, jason_highley / Flickr

The News Desk’s Shira Laucharoen was on a boat yesterday to watch PrezBo officially, officially recognize NROTC at Columbia.

President Bollinger hit the decks of the USS Iwo Jima yesterday and penned an agreement with head of the U.S. Navy Ray Mabus, which would officially bring Navy ROTC back on Columbia campus. Check out footage from NY1 of the signing, neat grey-and-white highlights of the campus protests in the 1960′s, and PrezBo ruffling his hair from 1:09-1:12.

Mabus said of the agreement:

Having Navy and Marine officers on campus will give Columbia University students a chance to interact with the military in a way they hadn’t before. And this will give ROTC members a much greater opportunity in terms of what they can learn.

For the full scoop, check out the Spec story here.


Sports | May. 27 9:23 am EST

Columbia soccer brings in highly touted transfer from Wake Forest

Ajit Pillai / Spec

The Columbia men’s soccer team hauled in Kofi Agyapong, a transfer from perennial soccer powerhouse Wake Forest, last week. The native from Ghana joins fellow recruits Michael Abraham, Andrew Celsus, Jack Gagne, and Greg Gudis for the Lions’ season next year. Details of his playing style and a video after the jump.  More »


Spectrum | May. 25 6:55 pm EST

Senior Spotlight: Jon Tanners

For our final video in our Senior Spotlights series, here is Jon Tanners, a member of C.U.S.H.

Interview conducted by Wilfred Chan. Video produced by Mikey Zhong.


Spectrum | May. 25 1:04 pm EST

Relive last week’s Commencement, check out our slideshow

Photos taken by Spec’s Henry Willson.


Spectrum | May. 25 9:53 am EST

Columbia creates more registration periods (UPDATED: SEAS gets one extra session)

d-day / Flickr

UPDATE (10:59 a.m.): Columbia sent out another email stating that SEAS will get a third period from Aug. 15 to Aug. 16 to enroll in Contemporary Civilization and Lit Hum, as well as other classes (including Corporate Finance and Financial Economics) that were blocked off during the original registration periods.

In addition, Barnard’s registration will be on the same dates as stated below.


Columbia, on the advice of the Classroom Committee (never heard of it either), will offer two more fall registration periods this summer. The first registration session will be from June 13 to June 24, and the second from Aug. 1 to Aug. 12. Cool. Neither registration period will give priority to seniority, but since every Art Hum section as of now is full, that’s not a particularly relevant detail.

Check out the Registrar’s message in its entirety after the jump. More »


Spectrum | May. 24 8:37 pm EST

Senior Spotlight: Ariana Orvell

Although the seniors have graduated, we’re still rolling out Senior Spotlights. Next up is Ariana Orvell, a member of Peace by P.E.A.C.E., the largest service group in Community Impact.

Interview conducted by Zach Dyer. Video produced by Sam Roth.


Spectrum | May. 23 6:47 pm EST

Senior Spotlight: Mustafa Hameed

Although the seniors have graduated, we’re still rolling out Senior Spotlights. Next up is Mustafa Hameed—formerly president of CIRCA, senior editor at the Journal of Politics and Society, et cetera.

Interview conducted by Noah Hindes. Video produced by Justine Hope.