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Opinion | Apr. 30 11:11 pm EST

Don’t fence me in (and other Abacchalypse complaints not related to cowboy songs)


Dear Columbia,

When I first heard that an administrative error would be forcing this year’s spring concert off the steps and onto South Field, I was optimistic. After all, plenty of concerts are held in fields,  and many of them (though, OK, not all of them) work out just fine. I was excited, too, for the prospect of a green flag, and to finally know what all that pretty grass felt like underfoot.

I should have known better. From the moment I arrived and saw that red flag still hoisted high even during the middle of CUSH’s set, I should have expected you not to cooperate, Columbia. I’m not saying it’s totally your fault—you’ve never hosted a concert in a field before—but I do have some lingering questions as to the general organization of today’s activities. More »


A&E | Apr. 30 3:03 pm EST

The Abacchalypse in pictures


4:49 Heavy metal. Snoop is not on stage yet.

4:08 Das Racist!

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Spectrum | Apr. 30 3:02 pm EST

‘We have no school spirit,’ or a po-mo ‘stop whining about whining’ edition

Courtesy of Columbia University

One more day of classes. Multiple Varsity Show performances. Holi. Snooooooop. Short sleeves. It’s hard not to sound sensationalist; this is without a doubt the most exciting weekend of the year for Columbia’s undergraduates. It represents a rare reprieve from the coursework, ugly weather, and collective apathy toward University goings-on that we like to think makes us unique among selective urban universities in the northeastern United States (it doesn’t). More »


Spectrum | Apr. 30 11:15 am EST
pick us!

It’s your last day to decide: Why should you pick Columbia?

Courtesy of Columbia University

Dear 2015 Accepted Applicants,

First off, congratulations! Not only are most of you in the final weeks of senior year, but you are about to finalize the most important decision of your life—college. I’m sure you’ve all been accepted into some pretty great schools, and choosing between them is hard. I hope you realize how lucky you are that you get to make this choice, and I hope you realize how much luckier you are that you get to choose Columbia.

You will never find another school quite like Columbia. More »


A&E | Apr. 30 2:09 am EST

Spoiler-free Varsity Show must-knows

Claire Stern / Spec

What’s one more MoHi shocker? The 117th annual Varsity Show, “Another Scandal!” kicked off with the first of four showings tonight in Roone Arledge Auditorium. We’re supplying you with a VShow cheat sheet of what to expect from this year’s performances. Check out Monday’s Spectator for a full review. In the meantime, take a glimpse of V117 after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 30 1:11 am EST

That’s what she said

It’s late. You’re up. Royal wedding fever is almost over.

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Spectrum | Apr. 29 8:00 pm EST

How to survive the abacchalypse

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Fun fact: Tomorrow is my first Bacchanal! For all you fellow transfers and first-years (or other first timers) out there, I’m sure you are looking forward to Saturday with an exhilarating mixture of curiosity and excitement. Get started on your finals studying and paper writing now, because the activities this weekend are not to be missed. We at Spec want you to get down on Saturday in the most healthy and happy way possible, so here are some tips on how to best keep calm and party on.

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The Eye | Apr. 29 5:20 pm EST
Life + Times

Jay-Z: Worldwide celeb on the worldwide web

whittlz / flickr

When Jay-Z debuted Life + Times earlier this month, many were surprised—a celebrity lifestyle website seemed more in the domain of his protege, the noted fashion plate/asshole Kanye West. But it’s actually a pretty natural move. More »


Spectrum | Apr. 29 4:09 pm EST

BREAKING: CUIT launches UNI-authenticated wireless

In an email sent to Spectator, CUIT announced that it has instated a new wireless network, which would involve UNI-authentication to increase wireless security. This new wireless system, called “Columbia U Secure”, which is similar in style to Barnard’s WiFi, spans through Morningside Heights and Manhattanville. For more information, read the newsletter CUIT sent out. Access to Columbia’s old, unauthenticated wireless will still be available.


Spectrum | Apr. 29 4:00 pm EST

CUMB helps brave man propose to girlfriend

The Columbia University Marching Band is everywhere. Their latest act, performing for a marriage proposal (the girl said yes). Why did the man ask for CUMB’s help? Because the Marching Band was also there when he first asked her out! That’s the Marching Band, always watching out for you. Check out the video!