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Opinion | Feb. 28 9:08 pm EST

Look, you guys, I’ve got some bad news

I did not win my own Words With Friends tournament. Yep. You read that right.

I know you were pulling for me. I could feel it. And really, your support meant a lot. But it was not to be.

The winner of this past week’s very official Spectrum Words With Friends tournament was none other than Spec’s own Jason Bell, who’ll be taking home a Robicelli’s cupcake or the cash equivalent. That’s $3.25, people. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 28 7:37 pm EST
My Great Escape

My Great Escape: Low steps

Courtesy of Columbia University

For the third installment of her weekly series, “My Great Escape,” Emma Stein will extol the praises of Columbia’s favorite getaway right in the thruway.

All right, all right, so maybe it is a bit of an imaginary escape right now, given the mostly below-freezing, sometimes rainy, sometimes snowy weather, but I’ve been fantasizing about it. On those few days when the temperature soars above 50 degrees and the sun peeks its head out of the clouds, I’ve even experienced it, albeit briefly.

More »


A&E | Feb. 28 5:54 pm EST

Bacchanal week will be apocalyptic

brtsergio / flickr

Look out, Columbia—the apocalypse is coming (no, not like this). This year’s Bacchanal theme has been announced: Abacchalypse. Still no word on who’s playing the spring concert, but Bacchanal organizers encourage you to email them at with your suggestion for this year’s lineup. Who knows if they’ll take it, but hey, it can’t hurt. Dates of the movie screening and spring concert after the jump. Check back here for more updates on the full list of activities. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 28 3:14 pm EST
rotc advocacy

Business and law school deans announce support for ROTC

Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard announced his support for the return of ROTC in a press release today, arguing that veterans provide invaluable experience to the classroom. Hubbard also noted the benefits veterans have contributed to the business school’s community.

Hubbard joins Columbia Law School Dean David Schizer—who expressed his support for ROTC in an email sent to the Task Force on Military Engagement—as the two most prominent Columbia figures to have offered a public opinion on the ROTC debate. Full press releases after the jump. More »


The Eye | Feb. 28 3:11 pm EST

Eye Spy: Oscars version

Bookshelf Boyfriend / flickr

As you’ve probably heard (here) (and here) (and here also)—the Oscars were yesterday. So, in the second installment of Eye Spy, we capitalize on the ensuing Hollywood brouhaha by observing the striking similarities between stills from two critically acclaimed films (i.e. No Country for Old Men, and, um, Sex and the City) and two renowned works from MoMA. More »


Opinion | Feb. 28 12:53 pm EST

Blitz’d Thoughts: Housing tips

We asked our bloggers for pearls of wisdom regarding—you guessed it—housing.

Raphael Pope-Sussman: Pick first. That’s what we did, and we are happy with our housing.

Thomas Rhiel: Harmony Hall is two blocks from Absolute Bagels. Think about it.

Caroline Blosser: Enroll at Barnard. Enjoy the Suite Life.

Neil FitzPatrick: If you get a bad lottery number, make the best of it and go for a good view—think high floors and (if possible) multiple windows that face an avenue, campus, or, if in Wien/EC, face east. It’ll (slightly) alleviate the sense that you’re living in a lunchbox.

Emily Tamkin: They say that it’s not where you are, but rather whom you’re with that really matters. Remember that this is only kind of true.


Spectrum | Feb. 28 10:14 am EST
cu assassins

CU Assassins set to kickoff (aka, campus readies for paranoia)

MMaZone / flickr

*Don’t take this post too seriously.

**There is a Team Spectrum. I am not on it. Do not point a damn water gun at me.

Columbia’s campus is about to get pretty antisocial soon.

11:59 p.m. tonight to be exact, when CU Assassins, Columbia’s annual terror-fest, officially kicks off. Registration ended yesterday, and there are 173 participants, down from a smidge over 200 last year. All participants have received their water guns and they will duke it out over the next few weeks for that $500 first-place prize. Check back in subsequent days for Spectrum’s coverage of this event. For now though, here’s some info on the background of CU Assassins and the rules.

Rule #1:

Take this damn competition seriously.

The Legend(s)

Two stories every Columbian must know about this contest. There is a legend that has been passed down generation to generation, by scores of Columbia students, that goes something like this. One year, CU Assassins lasted beyond spring break. During break, someone still alive in the contest flew back home to New Orleans, presumably to see family and to, you know, relax. Our entrepreneurial assassin got word of the plan, and yep, you got it, flew to New Orleans to land the kill. More »


A&E | Feb. 28 9:13 am EST

REVIEW: Robicelli’s brings complex cupcakes to Northwest Corner

Kimberly Topilow / Spec

Joe Coffee has been recently injected with some sugary sweetness. Robicelli’s cupcakes have been added to Joe’s roster of baked goods that add a savory complement to the chain’s renowned coffee. If you check out Robicelli’s website, you can see quickly that cupcake flavors change with the seasons, holidays, and the imaginations of the creators. A recent invention was the “Partida Margarita” in honor of National Margarita Day (Feb. 21).

The two flavors of cupcakes that Joe is now offering are Chocolate Butterscotch and Pecan Potato Chip. The cupcakes are $3.25 a piece, so to protect wallets (and waistlines), students may want to stick to just one. The Pecan Potato Chip is no doubt the more inventive of the two, so our choice of which cupcake to taste test was easy. More »


Spectrum | Feb. 28 7:20 am EST
today's paper

Wake-Up Call: Goodbye Fridays (for seniors) … (maybe)

crazyaboutyou / flickr

Sports Editor Jim Pagels makes his Oscars picks for CU Athletics. Included in his picks are “Best Original Score” and “Best Foreign Language Film.” [Sports]

Check out the Editorial Page’s spread on Black History Month. [Opinion]

The University Classroom Committee’s solution to the classroom space crunch? Friday seminars. [News]


Spectrum | Feb. 28 12:20 am EST

Task force member opens up questions in CCSC meeting

The show went on in the Satow Room on Monday night even though some had their minds on tonight’s Oscars. Learned Foote opened the meeting up with a vote on the council’s picks for Best Picture. Most of the council voted for Inception but Learned used his executive power to make CCSC’s selection Black Swan. Alas, The King’s Speech won.

For the CCSC meeting tonight:

  • Alex Frouman, CC ’12 and a University senator, took questions on the Senate’s Task Force on Military engagement, on which he serves. When asked when the senate would vote on whether or not to invite the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps back to campus, fellow senator Kenny Durell said, “I can’t imagine the senate ever voting on something [pause] that comes before them immediately.” Laughter followed.
  • Senior class president Sean Udell asked Frouman if he’s found the task force to be impartial, echoing concerns from critics that the task force has a pro-ROTC bent. “I’m not sure impartiality is an issue since we don’t have decision-making power,” Frouman answered, explaining that their role is merely to present information to the full senate. The senate is expected to vote in April.
  • Alex Jasliuk, sophomore class president, proposed moving Glass House Rocks to the fall semester, to better coordinate planning. He suggested that the event could have a haunted house theme for Halloween. The council voted to table a vote until later in the semester.
  • Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti presented a proposal from GreenBorough, EcoReps, and Food Sustainability Project to house a food composter in Schapiro’s patio. The project has informally been dubbed Schapatio. The internalized compost machine is called The Rocket, which, as Kipp-Giusti says, “sounds like a sex toy or something.” Her words, not mine.