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Sports | Jan. 31 11:22 pm EST

Men’s swimming defeats Brown at Homecoming

Courtesy of Columbia Athletics

Over the weekend, the men’s swimming and diving team beat Brown at our Homecoming in Uris Pool. Check out the audio slide show below.


Opinion | Jan. 31 8:05 pm EST

A revolution in dependence

caroline blosser

The discussion on grade inflation and the leaked list of our 4.0 peers have evoked a variety of responses, from lament and whining about  the “high” percentage, to the more dismissive apathy of “who cares?”

But I am outraged. And not at grade inflation. No, I am outraged at how low the number is. More »


The Eye | Jan. 31 5:51 pm EST

5 reasons MTV should cancel Skins

r9m / flickr

America loves depraved youth. From the first time the nation swooned over James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, teen angst and bad behavior have become indelible marks of the American screen. But have we lost our touch?

Today, the third episode of the American version of the UK’s hit show Skins comes out on MTV. The characters, the situations, and even some of the lines are nearly identical to those of the British counterpart. Of course, these scenes are not without controversy–American media-monitoring parents and organizations are up in arms about the new display of car-stealing, weed-smoking, sex-having teens.

Sponsors have been pulling out of Skins as of late because the Parents Television Channel claims the show violates child pornography laws. PETA even got involved. But what many fail to realize is that the American version is not only conservatively objectionable, it’s just plain bad. We count the reasons why after the jump. More »


Opinion | Jan. 31 4:14 pm EST
student slices

Blitz’d Thoughts: Straight A’s

Last semester, 8 percent of Columbia students received a GPA of 4.0 or above. These are the quick thoughts the Spec Opinion panel provided.

Caroline Blosser: “On the 8 percent of Columbia students who are intelligent and high achieving—I’m shocked and outraged. This is really a surprise. This is also sarcasm.”

Neil FitzPatrick: “In unrelated news, 92 percent of Columbia students reported increased feelings of inadequacy early this semester.” More »


Spectrum | Jan. 31 3:11 pm EST

Classes that break the bank

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Think your 9 a.m. Lit Hum class is bad? (I know I certainly do.) But, even with all its pitfalls, at least you can secure the books for Lit Hum for under $100. Imagine now, not only having to wake up early, but also having to pay two or three times the cost. Want to feel better about yourself and your class schedule? Read on to see these wallet destroyers. More »


Spectrum | Jan. 31 1:11 pm EST

CCSC: Course evaluations could become public

The News Desk’s Melanie Broder attended yesterday’s CCSC meeting.

  • CCSC discussed a resolution to make the course evaluations we post on CourseWorks available online. There has been some faculty resistance to this resolution—particularly with the counselors—and CCSC intends to bring up this resolution to the head of each academic department at Columbia. So far, the economics department, several engineering departments, and SIPA have been receptive to this resolution. Humanities professors have been more hesitant and several departments have not yet been approached about this possibility. More »

Sports | Jan. 31 1:01 pm EST
Weekend Roundup

Weekend wrap up: A look around Columbia athletics

Alyson Goulden / Spec

For anyone that couldn’t make it out to some of the events, check Spectrum every Monday to see how the Columbia Lions sports teams fared over the weekend. More »


The Eye | Jan. 31 11:54 am EST
The Eye Interviews

The best four years of your life?

Jiin Choi / The Eye

On Jan. 17, NPR announced that, according to the APA, the number of students on college campuses taking psychiatric medicines has increased more than 10 percent in the last 10 years. College mental health centers have had to increase staff to keep up with the growing numbers, and the issue as a whole has been receiving increased media attention. However, many students are still skeptical about psychiatric drugs and their side effects—some even go so far as to label the entire field of psychology a “fake science.”

David Leibow, of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, recently published his book that addresses these issues, titled “What to Do When College Is Not the Best Time of Your Life.” I recently interviewed him for the semester’s first issue of The Eye. We discussed his new book, why college students are so unhappy, and what they can do about it. Check out an unprinted quote from Leibow after the jump, when I asked him Should students be skeptical? More »


A&E | Jan. 31 10:08 am EST

Joe Coffee will start serving food today!

Claire Stern / Spec

According to Joe Coffee’s Twitter page, its new location on the second floor of the Northwest Corner Building will begin serving food today. With delicious offerings like fresh cuban-style baguettes and avocado sandwiches, this brand-new storefront promises better food than that crap we get at 212. But no flex yet! Check out the full menu we posted and mull over your food choices before you trek up Broadway to 120th Street. Store closes at 8:00 p.m. tonight for those who want first dibs.


Spectrum | Jan. 31 9:53 am EST
false alarm

Fire alarm pulled in Hamilton Hall

A fire alarm in Hamilton Hall was pulled roughly 10 minutes ago. Students were evacuated, but alas, it wasn’t an actual fire.

UPDATE: They’re streaming back into Hamilton now! That was fast. Good thing this didn’t happen during that 1:10-2:25 block.