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A&E | Dec. 31 11:18 pm EST

Top 10 most overlooked films of 2010

Courtesy of HYPEBEAST

Who says art shouldn’t be evaluated numerically? For the Oscar fanatics out there, here are ten movies that should be nominated for Best Picture this year. Sadly, none of these films (except The Social Network) are likely to be recognized by the Academy, who will inevitably stick mostly to Hollywood fare – as weak as it was this year. Full list after the jump. More »


Sports | Dec. 31 7:23 pm EST
best highlights

Top 10 moments of the 2010 season

We ranked all of Columbia’s best moments this year. Starting with #10, this is our list of what we believe made 2010 memorable.

10. Grimes’ fadeaway gives Lions sweep over Penn

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

Columbia vs. Penn, Feb. 26

With 13 seconds left in the game, and Penn ahead 55-54 and with possession, things appeared bleak for Columbia. 11 seconds later, the impending gloom turned into jubilation after then-junior guard Brian Grimes nailed a tough fadeaway with 2.7 seconds remaining to propel the Lions to a 56-55 win over Penn. The win gave Columbia its first season sweep vs. Penn since 1967-1968.

Grimes’ game winner can be viewed here:

More »


A&E | Dec. 30 6:21 pm EST

Five ways to ring in the new year in NYC

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There’s no place like NYC to celebrate New Year’s Eve – this year is no different. The Big Apple promises to welcome a new decade in style. Spectrum has picked five events – ranging from the sophisticated to the rowdy – where you can dance ’til the ball drops. Let the countdown begin! More »


A&E | Dec. 30 1:30 pm EST
Joe coffee

Confirmed: Northwest Corner gets Joe Coffee

Three days ago, we received word that Joe Coffee was opening a new store at Columbia. Now we have further details. Joe Coffee will be located in the Northwest Corner Building and it will open late January or early February. Further details from Joe Coffee owner Jonathan Rubinstein and a full press release from Columbia spokesperson Dan Held after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 30 11:25 am EST
another list

The New York Times says NYC is talking about Columbia

Courtesy of the New York Times

Yesterday, the Times released its list of things New Yorkers talked about in 2010. Unsurprisingly, Columbia made more than one appearance (four, in fact). As always, this calendar year has had its share of controversies, mishaps, and debacles. What’s confusing is how the “GS valedictorian stealing jokes from Patton Oswalt” story was ranked higher than both the drug bust and the saga of our resident professor-in-cest. Regardless, maybe this will finally give us some street cred?

Most importantly, though, NYU wasn’t mentioned once. [New York Times]


Sports | Dec. 28 7:48 pm EST
on break

Holiday travels for Columbia’s sports teams

mihay / Flickr

While you’re burying yourself under your covers catching up on the last four seasons of Entourage for three weeks, some of the Lions athletic teams are traveling halfway around the globe competing. Here are some of the highlights: More »


A&E | Dec. 27 7:06 pm EST
joe coffee

Joe Coffee is coming to Columbia!!!

Courtesy of Joe: The Art of Coffee

Aw, hell yeah! The venerated Joe coffee chain in Manhattan is expanding to Columbia. The new store will be located on 120th Street and Broadway. Even Bill Hader, SNL impersonator extraordinaire, confesses that Joe: The Art of Coffee is his biggest vice.


Spectrum | Dec. 27 2:24 pm EST
it snowed

Snowstorm at Columbia

Over Christmas weekend, it snowed a lot at Columbia. If you’re sad you missed the snow day, please don’t be because …well:

Taxi cab on Amsterdam

We here, at Spectrum, are rooting hard for that taxi driver.

More pictures, taken by Spec photographer Angela Radulescu, after the jump. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 27 11:40 am EST
drug bust investigation

A look at the six-month police investigation of the drug bust

Courtesy of NYC Special Narcotics Office

The New York magazine has provided what we feel is the most comprehensive coverage of the drug bust investigation yet in a feature dubbed The Columbia Kid.

In it, the author Robert Kolker starts off by narrating the relevant details of Harrison David’s life the past two years, describing everything from David’s financial woes to his marijuana dealings in John Jay as a freshman, to how David progressed to harder drugs, and even including a bit on David’s salutatorian speech as a high school student.

David had to submit the text beforehand, but didn’t want to, so he wrote some nonsense and gave it to the principal, then spoke off the top of his head, ending by quoting Jimi Hendrix to a crush of applause. Three years later, Harrison is still proud of that speech.

Kolker follows that by describing the drug trade system at Columbia as a whole, how the five Columbia students got involved, and how they met each other.

In Kolker’s jailhouse interview with David, David talks about his financial woes in depth. One excerpt Kolker wrote on his financial troubles:

David says he got $37,000 in financial aid each of his first two years, but needed to pay $54,000 in tuition and living expenses. He closed some of that $17,000 gap each year with a combination of Stafford and private loans. Drug dealing helped close some of the rest of it.

Kolker also says that David estimated that he was as much as $50,000 in debt, and that the University canceled most of his financial aid his junior year.

On the police investigation, Kolker lists various meeting places the downtown suppliers and the Columbia students allegedly frequented (517 West 113th Street, 49th Street and 10th Avenue). He also details the undercover cop operation, including dates on when the cops made purchases from each student. More »


Spectrum | Dec. 27 9:00 am EST

Relive Orgo Night through the magic of video

The marching band has finally uploaded video of Orgo Night (part of it, anyway). If you had too much work to attend—no, you didn’t, you neurotic and/or lazy bums. Anyway, enjoy!

Not enough Orgo Night for you? Check out Spectrum’s liveblog and our recap for the full experience.