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Sports | Nov. 30 9:01 pm EST
History Lesson

Mystery of the Columbia ‘C’ unveiled

Courtesy of the Manhattan Times

If you’ve ever been up to Baker Field to take in a Columbia athletic event, odds are you’ve seen the enormous “C” painted on the rock facing Inwood Hill Park.

Most people look at it, assume that it has something to do with Columbia and maybe even Columbia athletics, and then go back to watching the game. Laura Gabby of the Manhattan Times (and a Columbia alum), however, was slightly more curious. She found out that Robert Prendergast, a Columbia medical student and member of the heavyweight team, painted the “C” in 1954, and members of the crew team repainted it until 1987.

Another rower, Alan Frommer, said that he and some of the other members of the crew team completed the “C” over spring break in 1954, as only the bottom half was painted. While the history of the “C” is still shrouded in some mystery, check out the full story in the Manhattan Times here.


Spectrum | Nov. 30 7:38 pm EST

Poll: SGA recognizes sororities. What about you?

Now that SGA has officially recognized sororities, we officially know how the council women feel. But what about you?


Opinion | Nov. 30 5:31 pm EST

My favorite intoxicant

Friends, they may have taken our Four Loko and they’ll probably even take away our dear alcoholic whipped cream. But fear not, because they’ll never take away the greatest intoxicant at our disposal: really, really poor decision-making. More »


A&E | Nov. 30 3:45 pm EST

Our comprehensive round-up of MoHi holiday specials

Emma Stein / Spec

Guys, it is Christmas/Chanukah/The Holiday Season/Almost Break. Even here in MoHi, the regulars have gone all out! Full list of neighborhood holiday specials after the jump.
More »


Opinion | Nov. 30 1:53 pm EST

George Castro is the worst thief of all time

Yesterday brought news of the indictment of a Bronx man named George Castro, who over the past two months allegedly stole $5 million from Alma Mater. Castro supposedly hacked into the university’s electronic payment system and had the money sent to his account as if he were a Columbia employee. More »


Sports | Nov. 30 12:21 pm EST

How Joe Jones forced me to think over Thanksgiving break

I had a strange experience over Thanksgiving break, and any Columbia student could have had the same one if he’d turned on his TV on Friday. I turned the channel to ESPN2, and bam: there was former Columbia head basketball coach Joe Jones, now the associate head coach at Boston College. It got me thinking about not only this years Columbia men’s basketball team, but about the state of the program that Joe Jones left when he went to BC. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 29 10:09 pm EST

SGA votes in favor of stage-one recognition for all sororities

In tonight’s vote, the SGA has upheld the unbinding student poll and voted in favor of sorority recognition, voting 14 for, 5 against.

SGA voted in favor of granting stage-one recognition to all sororities in campus.

This vote is accompanied by a motion that strips the Panhellenic Council—one of the three councils that make up the Inter-Greek Governing Board—of their current stage-one recognition. SGA members said they could not recognize an individual Greek council, which oversees some but not all of Columbia’s sororities. Instead, they will be granting stage-one recognition to all sororities under IGC. This is includes those sororities that are part of the Multicultural Greek Council.

News will have the full story in tomorrow’s paper.


Spectrum | Nov. 29 8:39 pm EST
Boxers or Briefs?

SEAS sells sex

Amanda Cormier / Spec

Apparently we have rediscovered that sex sells. In the wake of the splendid nakedness that is Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs, the SEAS Class of 2013 is selling boxer shorts. Their advertising strategy? Put the boxer shorts on David Beckham.

Now, not to stereotype the SEAS population, but do any of them really think that these boxer shorts will make them appear anywhere near as sexy as Mr. Posh Spice? Would they not be more successful photoshopping a pair of the magical hotness-making boxer shorts over Patrick Dempsey in the TBS classic, Can’t Buy Me Love?

Check out the full size poster after the jump. More »


Sports | Nov. 29 5:05 pm EST
Ivy Links

Ivies fall in NCAA men’s soccer tournament

Courtesy of Dartmouth Athletics

The Ivy League had been making some serious noise in the NCAA tournament, placing two teams in the Sweet Sixteen. Unseeded Dartmouth and No. 22 ranked Brown had each upset higher ranked foes to make their way into the final 16 teams, but both fell to squads ranked in the top 10 nationally. Read after the jump to catch up on results that took place while you were stuffing yourself with turkey and gravy over break. More »


Spectrum | Nov. 29 4:14 pm EST
Smoking Ban

SGA opens smoking ban poll

Around 3:40 p.m. Barnard students received an email from SGA containing a link to a survey they are conducting about whether to institute a campus-wide smoking ban. Here is the info and link from the email.

The Barnard Administration is currently considering a campus-wide smoking ban and wants to know what YOU think about it. Please take this VERY SHORT (2 question) survey: