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Sports | Oct. 31 7:05 pm EST

Three quick thoughts from Columbia’s 31-28 loss to Yale

With the sting of yesterday’s loss to Yale slowly starting to fade, it’s time to take a look back and see what worked and what didn’t for Columbia on Saturday. Read after the jump to see what I took away from the Lions’ third straight Ivy loss. More »


Sports | Oct. 31 5:49 pm EST
tough loss

Women’s soccer out of title contention with loss to Yale

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

The Columbia women’s soccer team began the weekend in a tie for first place in the Ivy League and will end it in a tie for third. On Saturday, the Lions (9-4-3, 3-2-1 Ivy) dropped a 2-1 decision to Yale.

Yale (7-8-1, 2-4-0) had been last in the league with just one Ivy win, but the Bulldogs pulled off the upset and moved into sixth place in the standings. Columbia is now eliminated from Ivy championship contention. While the Lions began Ivy play with three wins and a draw, they now have suffered two straight conference losses.


Spectrum | Oct. 31 4:22 pm EST

Send us your jack-o’-lanterns!

Via CJ Sorg / flickr

Well, not really the jack-o’-lanterns themselves—send us pictures of them! More than a few of you have put some out in front of your dorms, so why not share them on the Internet as well? Just email us at before you go down to the Village and we’ll post the best ones.

Have fun (and keep safe) tonight!


Spectrum | Oct. 31 3:07 pm EST
rally to restore sanity and/or fear

Video: Columbians react to yesterday’s rally

Most of the people who attended Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s rally in D.C. should be back in New York, so what better time than now to relive everything that happened yesterday? Spectator’s own Leah Greenbaum was there and has filed this report:


Sports | Oct. 31 1:28 pm EST
Losing Streak

Matthew Fox in the news once again

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

Ah, the losing streak. Not our proudest moment, but the national media has picked up on it once again. This time, Jim Weber of Yahoo! Sports writes about Matthew Fox and the 44-game losing streak. Weber talks about how the team was “cowardly” and how Fox interviewed to be an investment banker, all while taking a good-natured poke at Fox’s early acting work. [Yahoo! Sports]


Opinion | Oct. 31 12:32 pm EST

Rally to restore/lose your sanity

I was so super excited to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity this weekend, and I had a great time in D.C. But sadly, I didn’t get to see or hear much of the rally. It was rather disappointing. Apparently, though, I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the amount of people who came. Everyone on the National Mall was surprisingly nice and well-mannered, especially considering we were smushed up against each other and being whipped in the face with backpacks. (Sorry about that!) But the saneness of the group couldn’t make up for the tiny screens that were impossible to see unless one was directly in front of them, or the inadequate speakers over which I heard indistinguishable mumblings presumably belonging to Jon Stewart. I used to think the 1 train was awful during rush hour, but the Washington metros were so crowded yesterday, people were literally pressed against the windows and the doors couldn’t close. More »


Sports | Oct. 30 9:00 pm EST
ivy roundup

Football results from around the Ancient Eight: Penn wins again

Courtesy of Penn Athletics

As you probably already know, our football team fell to Yale today, but that wasn’t the only Ivy matchup going on this weekend. Check after the jump to see how the rest of the Ancient Eight fared.

More »


Opinion | Oct. 30 8:31 pm EST

Rally roundup

The Rally to Restore Sanity is over, and I think it’s safe to call it a success. We laughed, we listened to the Roots play the greatest song about the evolutionary need for procreation ever written, we watched Ozzy Osbourne and Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) engage in a musical duel. But most importantly, 150,000 people gathered in one place and had a pleasant, polite afternoon (think the National Mall as a miniature version of Canada). I was hoping I’d have a profound opinion on the whole thing by now, and maybe I will formulate some thoughts in the coming days, but for now I’m not sure I’d have anything to add to Jon Stewart’s speech. Instead I’ll just copy the rest of the country’s news outlets and leave you with my favorite signs from the event:

“My other sign is a Vuvuzela.”

“I masturbate to Christine O’Donnell.”

“I support the separation of Church and Hate.”

“Bears: Nature’s Death Panel.”

“Everybody poops.”

“The new Dune books suck.”

“The best lack all conviction. While the worst are full of passionate intensity.” – W.B. Yeats

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.” – Mark Twain


Opinion | Oct. 30 1:33 pm EST

Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest

This week we bring you the second installment of Spectrum’s Alexander Hamilton Memorial Caption Contest. The Hamilton Caption Contest is named in honor of that lion of all Lions, Alexander Hamilton, for his lifetime dedication to advancing the cause of life, liberty, and the pursuit of snappiness.

The winning caption will be published Thursday, along with the winner’s name (and, of course, the cartoon). If we select your caption, you’ll get the original, signed copy of the cartoon, with your caption on it. More »


Sports | Oct. 30 11:49 am EST

LIVEBLOG: Columbia football at Yale (FINAL: Columbia – 28; Yale – 31)

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

For those of you who couldn’t convince yourselves to trek to Connecticut, Spectrum is bringing you live coverage of today’s game between the Columbia Lions (3-3, 1-2 Ivy) and the Yale Bulldogs (4-2, 2-1 Ivy). Check below the jump for game updates. More »