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Opinion | Sep. 30 9:30 pm EST

How the other half lives

The world is divided into two groups: those who are eligible to be a Columbia College Class Day speaker, and those who aren’t. The rules of eligibility are very complicated and rather boring, especially in the context of alumni with titles like “junior secretarial understudy to the office of a moderately important governmental agency,” or “person who got something published somewhere.” More »


A&E | Sep. 30 8:15 pm EST

Go to 125th from now on for your VelociRibs fix

flickr/ hunkosaurusrex

It’s official: As of tonight, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has moved from 131st Street to 125th Street. and is currently serving its first meal in its new location. Forced out by some alleged Columbia expansion, Dino BBQ is excited about its new location. [DNAinfo]

Check out tomorrow’s edition of Weekend for full coverage of the new Dino BBQ locale, including an interview with the owner.


Spectrum | Sep. 30 6:33 pm EST
security alert

Cell phone snatched at Wien Gate

In a security update sent out minutes ago to the Undergraduate community, a robbery at the Wien gates was described wherein two young males grabbed a cell phone from a female student and took off toward Morningside Park.

Full security update and photos after the jump (because who’s going to download and open a .doc file from PSafety?). More »


Opinion | Sep. 30 6:00 pm EST

First view from the top

Making my way to the top of this building was on my bucket list since it was just a hole in the ground next to Pupin my freshman year.

Nuriel Moghavem


Opinion | Sep. 30 2:00 pm EST

Class Day speaker: The Bachelor edition

Well, I gotta add my two cents on Class Day. If you’re like me, Columbia, you probably recognized about one quarter to one third of the names on the list of potential speakers. And if, like me, you Wikipedia’d the one with the funniest name (Toomas!), then you probably discovered that Barry isn’t our only alum-turned President (viva Estonia!). Which got me thinking—maybe there’s a way to make the best of our rule against unaffiliated Class Day speakers. More »


Sports | Sep. 30 12:42 pm EST

Time to pay attention to volleyball

Football has been, and will always remain, Columbia’s marquee sport. Similar to teams like the Chicago Cubs, the football program’s success or failure each season hardly affects the hype. But while football continues to ride its high horse from its 24-10 win over Towson, other teams have mostly been left in the dark. More »


Spectrum | Sep. 30 10:27 am EST
wake-up call

Today’s paper: just to confirm

Wikimedia Commons says it’s raining right now. Good news? You get to wear those new rain boots from Urban! Bad news? You probably won’t take them off for the next 36 hours. That’s your weather forecast—today’s paper confirms some other rumors.


Spectrum | Sep. 30 1:48 am EST


Kids, it’s happened again. There was a vote for the ESC first-year class council. The second-place class representative spot had a tie. Then it turned out there was a mistake—everyone had only been allowed to vote for one rep, not the allotted two. So there was a full class rep revote. And, guess what? There was, yet again, a tie for the second class rep spot. We kid you not—this really just happened. So, yeah, there’s going to be a runoff, again. Details forthcoming. For now, the full election results email after the jump. (Note that the president/VP tallies are from the initial election, and the class rep tallies are from this week’s revote.) More »


Opinion | Sep. 29 10:17 pm EST

Six degrees of Class Day

Nuriel has already commented that he likes the current rules for selecting Class Day speakers and the limited pool of possibilities they provide. So what if we kept the rules and just stretched them a little to allow for interpretation? Candidates would include: More »


Spectrum | Sep. 29 8:35 pm EST
world leaders forum

Al Gore and George Soros to speak at last-minute World Leaders Forum events

Courtesy of Columbia University

Gore will speak next Tuesday at 9 a.m. He intends to discuss “how investors, particularly sovereign wealth funds and other long-term investors, can leverage their expanding global influence to build robust social and environmental governance standards through investments that protect the environment, promote stability, and advance intergenerational welfare.” Sounds good!

Soros, whose event bears the name “The Sovereign Debt Problem,” will speak at 11:45 a.m. the same day.

Registration is open to Columbia University students only and will start tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.