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Meta | Aug. 31 8:16 pm EST

Bagels! Bagels! The complaints roll in

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

We published an Orientation issue yesterday. One reader happened to find it offensive and wasn’t shy about letting us know. It so happens that this reader was Tom Faure, CC ’09, who served as editor in chief of Spectator two years back. He was particularly angry about our lack of bagels coverage. But all is not as it seems. The exchange, after the jump. More »


A&E | Aug. 31 6:07 pm EST

5 things to do between NSOP activities (all along the 1 train)

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We know there’s plenty to do during orientation week at night. But filling the days can be tough. Walking tours of Hartley-Wallach are only fun for so long. So, we’ve put together a list of cheap, New York-y things to do—all along our beloved 1 train. Hop on at 116th or 110th and fill those mornings with more than just figuring out where to buy Gatorade and bagels. More »


Spectrum | Aug. 31 5:00 pm EST

Blue move-in bin spotted WAY downtown

Ever wonder where they keep all those big blue bins after sweaty students use them to haul their stuff across College Walk? Well, apparently some of them end up in Times Square.

Lauren Weiss / Spec

Lauren Weiss / Spec


Spectrum | Aug. 31 2:02 pm EST

Liveblog: 2014′s first Lit Hum class!

It’s time for one of the many time-honored traditions of NSOP week—the first Lit Hum class. We’ll be liveblogging the lecture from Roone for any freshmen who decided to skip or any upperclassmen who feel nostalgic. Liveblog after the jump. More »


Opinion | Aug. 31 1:10 pm EST
Because you're at 116th St.

116 Columbia Traditions (Part two)

Part two of this series. Your instructions on how to be a true Columbian after the jump. More »


Sports | Aug. 30 11:44 pm EST
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

What to do once you’re at one of those sport things

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

In a few weeks, after some convincing, you may find yourself at a Columbia sporting event. You’ll be excited about the free stuff you got just for going (oh, and of course about the game), and then you’ll realize you really don’t know what to do. When do you cheer? What do you yell? When is it OK for you to leave?

Don’t panic, though—just remember these simple dos and don’ts, and everything will be all right. [Sports]


Opinion | Aug. 30 6:14 pm EST
Because you're at 116th St.

116 Columbia Traditions (Part one)

First-years, Orientation is but the first of many weeks you’ll have here at Columbia, and there are so many things that you’re going to want–nay, need!—to do before you graduate. 116 things, to be exact.

Over the next five days, we’re going to be posting items from our list (compiled and revised through the ages, just for you) of the 116 things to do before you graduate. The first four days will have 23 items, and the fifth will share 24 pieces of wisdom. Read on for the first 23. Then get up, get out, and get on it! More »


A&E | Aug. 30 3:19 pm EST
hold the phones

Chipotle down?!

Nilkanth Patel / Spec

An update from Spectator’s deliciously irresistible Mexican fast food desk: Chipotle is closed for maintenance until 6 p.m., according to a sign in the window and caution tape around the door.

For those who don’t think they’ll make it, we completely understand: the closest currently open Chipotle is on Amsterdam between 72nd and 73rd streets. Bring us back some burrito bowls if you have a chance. We’re feeling the withdrawal, too.


A&E | Aug. 30 1:45 pm EST

Time-honored tradition: Stealing food from grad schoolers

As we focus our attention on the arrival of undergraduates, it’s easy to forget that grad schoolers, too, are beginning a new academic year. Why is this significant? They like to have big banquets outside their respective buildings with yummy food. More »


Spectrum | Aug. 30 9:30 am EST

Our special orientation issue: It’s out!

It’s an exciting time for you first-years out there! You’re moving in, saying goodbye to your parents, meeting new people, discovering the joys of HamDel. There’s nothing quite like it.

We’ve been there. We know how overwhelming these first few weeks of college life can be. That’s why we’ve put together a special orientation issue chock-full of stuff you need to know. Not sure what to eat or where to buy textbooks? We’ve got you covered. Want to get up to speed on that big Manhattanville controversy? We’ll fill you in. Wondering whether or not you should care about Columbia athletics? We’ll do our best to convince you to pay attention. (And we’ll tell you why the other Ivy teams suck.)

So check it out online, or head to your nearest newsstand to grab a copy. And keep tuning into Spectrum throughout NSOP—we’ll be posting more helpful stuff as the week goes on.