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Sports | Apr. 30 7:01 pm EST

Baseball takes division title

Jasper L. Clyatt / Spec

The Columbia baseball team swept Penn in a doubleheader today, clinching the Gehrig Division title. The Light Blue won the first game 5-2 and the second 10-9.

The Lions have earned the right to compete in the Ivy League championship, which will take place next weekend. Full story here. [Sports]


Opinion | Apr. 30 6:31 pm EST

Casual Fridays: The end

This is the way the semester ends—not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a messy, breathless, and desperate sprint to the finish. One might think that Columbia would work to accommodate its students as they drag themselves through the final lap, but one would be very, very wrong (and generally ignorant about all things Columbia). From the Steps to move-out day, from free food lines to the lawns (wait, not the lawns… don’t go to the lawns!), students are forced to jump over hurdle after hurdle in a feeble attempt to get to sweet, sweet summer.

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Sports | Apr. 30 5:21 pm EST
Di Benedetto

Examining scenarios for baseball’s final weekend

The final weekend of Ivy League baseball has already begun, and close races still continue in both the Gehrig and Rolfe Divisions.

Columbia (11-5 Ivy) leads the Gehrig by 2 games over Penn (9-7), and the two clubs will play a 4 game home-and-home set this weekend to decide who advances to the Ivy League Championship Series.

If Columbia wins two of the four games, they win the Gehrig for the second time in three years. More »


A&E | Apr. 30 12:00 pm EST
can't get enough vshow

More from the Varsity Show front lines

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For our second installment of “Know Your Varsity Show,” Spectrum sat down with John Goodwin, CC ’12, a VShow second-timer.

Spectrum: Would you call rehearsals grueling?

John Goodwin: This year, surprisingly, it’s been a little less intense than last year. It’s been a little more toned down, but that’s not a bad thing. I think its actually really great. There’s been a more light hearted atmosphere—that’s not to say last year was super intense. Compared to any other shows here, it’s intense.

Sometimes rehearsals are 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. On weekends, sometimes they get to be 6 or 7 hours. For other shows it will be 2 to 3 rehearsals a week. More »


Sports | Apr. 29 10:19 pm EST

Jon Wong, Mihai Nichifor named first team all-Ivy Singles

Alyson Goulden for Spec

Senior co-captains Jon Wong and Mihai Nichifor were named first team all-Ivy in singles for their play this spring. Sophomore Haig Schneiderman was named second team all-Ivy in singles, one year after being the unanimous choice for Ivy League Rookie of the Year. More »


Sports | Apr. 29 6:30 pm EST

Hey NFL, what’s wrong with being smart?

The NFL draft may be old news at this point, but I recently read this article that can’t be ignored. Myron Rolle, a safety out of Florida State, was drafted in the sixth round by the Tennessee Titans. This isn’t especially interesting news right? Oh, I should also mention that he studied for a year in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Are you interested now? More »


Opinion | Apr. 29 4:15 pm EST

Go home, young man

Well, seniors, you may have noticed that graduation is three short weeks away. And if you have yet to be asked “what are you doing next year?” then I think it’s safe to assume that you haven’t left your room recently. No doubt some of you will be going off the grad school, and others will be gainfully employed far from home, but for those of you guys heading back to live with Mom and Dad, Gawker has a message for you: don’t be ashamed! According to a recent study, you’re not alone: More »


Spectrum | Apr. 29 2:27 pm EST

The return of Ahmadinejad

Wikimedia Commons

Columbia’s favorite dictator has reportedly filed for a visa to come to New York next week for the United Nations’ nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review. And he hasn’t even called us! Maybe he’ll stop by, for old times’ sake.


The Eye | Apr. 29 2:10 pm EST
Mr. President

Everything you ever wanted to know about PrezBo in 2 minutes

Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder who would have the guts to beat up Lee C. Bollinger aka Prezbo aka Our Fearless Leader? It turns out only a crazy person would, and did one morning in Central Park. Today’s lead Eye story (the last of the semester) catalogs more of these moments, large and small, in the life of the illustrious PrezBo, painting a picture of a quiet but bold and aggressive leader. More »


A&E | Apr. 29 12:30 pm EST
One of our own

Gossip Girl alum/Columbia student dishes on new movie

Sony Pictures Classic

Spectrum sat down with Sarah Steele, CC ’11, Columbia’s resident Hollywood talent. While most may recognize her for her recent role in Gossip Girl, now she’s going highbrow. We talked to her hot off the trail from the Tribeca and Sundance Film Festivals, where she was promoting her new film Please Give.

Spectrum: How was it working with such big names? More »