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A&E | Mar. 31 10:20 pm EST

Who’s playing where at Ivy’s spring concerts

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In preparation for the April 4th announcement of this year’s Bacchanal performers, we’re giving you a round-up of who’s performing at other Ivies. Let the jealousy (and trip planning to Penn) begin!

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Spectrum | Mar. 31 6:39 pm EST

USenate to meet Friday about Academic Calendar

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Turns out the ball is finally rolling to find a resolution to Academic Calendargate 2010. But this rate, that day seems a ways away. The student affairs caucus (SAC) of the USenate will continue to push the proposal on Friday for a pre-Labor Day start in years when Labor Day falls late (like this year, and next year, and the year after that) to prevent going home on Christmas. The Senate most likely won’t vote at this meeting, meaning that we still have no clue what’s going on next year. But, in an effort to increase transparency, Friday’s meeting will be open to all CUID holders and will start at 1:15 pm in 106 Jerome Greene Hall. [News]


A&E | Mar. 31 5:26 pm EST
Order this, not that

Skip the ‘Spicy Special,’ Try the ‘Super Mario’

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In this week’s installment of “Order This, Not That,” Jason Bell ventures beyond the “Spicy Special.”

Fondly referred to as Crack-Del, the 109 Gourmet Deli serves up greasy, oozing heroes that never fail to satisfy late night cravings. Famous for the “Spicy Special,” a combination of Cajun turkey, molten pepper jack, a mysterious spicy mayonnaise concoction, and the usual vegetable suspects (lettuce and tomato), this deli might seem like a one trick show. But for those tired of yet another predictably tasty “Spicy Special,” call out for a “Super Mario” instead. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 31 4:19 pm EST

Monday’s subway victim identified

Authorities have released the name of the man who was struck and killed by a downtown 1 train on Monday. He was 18-year-old Spyros Fliatouros of Brooklyn. The NYPD still cannot confirm officially whether the death was a suicide. [News]


Spectrum | Mar. 31 2:13 pm EST

Former Warhol Factory drag performer emerges from obscurity, comes to Columbia

Courtesy of NY Daily News

Today in cool Columbia opportunities

Mario Montez, a Latino former drag performer from Andy Warhol’s Factory, will headline “Superstar!: A Tribute to Mario Montez” in Davis Auditorium at the Shapiro Center from 10 am – 5 pm. He appeared in thirteen of Warhol’s underground films from 1964 to 1966 before realizing that his sober lifestyle didn’t match up with the drug-riddled world of Warhol. He also had a bad cold. So he moved to sunny Florida and hasn’t been heard from in almost 40 years. Until now. And he’s here. Speaking. Montez (that’s his stage name), now 75, is promoting his big comeback to stage performance this weekend at El Museo del Barrio. [NY Daily News]


Spectrum | Mar. 31 12:31 pm EST

Yale student dies in New York

Cameron Dabaghi, Yale ’11, died last night after jumping from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Our thoughts go out to the student’s friends and family. [Yale Daily News via IvyGate]


Opinion | Mar. 31 11:20 am EST

College Dems and College Reps have polite debate, everyone wins

What happens when you put a bunch of College Democrats and College Republicans in a room at Columbia and start a political discussion? You would think it would result in an explosion of warring parties with heated words and ugly exchanges – or at least devolve into a shouting match.

Fortunately, last night’s debate between the two groups about the Citizens United Supreme Court decision resulted in a very productive, quite intellectual, and usually polite dialogue. More »


Spectrum | Mar. 31 9:23 am EST
wake-up call

Today’s paper: spreading the wealth

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This morning we look at our default gray sky, feel the colder-than-it-should-be end-of-March nippiness, and sink back into seasonal depression. But the sun will come out tomorrow. No, seriously, it’s supposed to be beautiful all weekend. Maybe we can put our urban beach to good use. Until then, we can take solace in the fact that Columbians everywhere are channeling their inner Robin Hoods, taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots. More »


The Shaft | Mar. 31 12:17 am EST

The EC Exclusion mystery revealed (UPDATED)

Welcome back to The Shaft, and our promised addendum to yesterday’s lottery breakdown. Housing has kindly sent along the list of all five-person groups registered as EC Exclusion suites (ECX). Details after the jump. More »


Sports | Mar. 30 11:19 pm EST

Packing the tennis bubble

The Cornell men’s basketball team has gotten a lot of publicity and talk around this campus in the past few weeks, and rightfully so. But lost in the commotion caused by all of Ryan Wittman’s three pointers is that there are other teams in the Ivy League that compete and hold their own on the  national stage. In fact, there are even some right here in Morningside Heights. More »