Spectrum | Apr 17 1:11 am EST
one eleven

Matzo pizza and The Heights

It’s late. You’re up. Beer is not kosher for Passover but hopefully these links will satisfy any Wednesday withdrawals for anyone suffering from mid-April maudlin.

Flashed spotlight: Adam Wilson, CC ’14

Spectrum: What is the most superb way to take your coffee?

AW: I actually can’t drink caffeine any more, but the best way is to get it for free by flirting with baristas.

Spectrum: What is your ideal Halloween costume?

AW: Dorian Gray, obviously.

Spectrum: What TV show, music video, literary work, or radio commercial would you like to live in?

AW: Right now I’d have to go with the West Wing. I’m pretty sure that’s every liberal Poli Sci major’s dream world.

Spectrum: Hobbes vs Rousseau?

AW: Hobbes, no question. I really can’t get past the whole constantly abandoning his children thing that Rousseau did.

Spectrum: What marketable skill, if any, have you learned here?

AW: Is political intrigue a marketable skill? Our campus’s bureaucracy is the perfect training ground for that.

Heard around the Ivy: Apparently there is a Heights Bar and Grill in Ithaca. According to this review inn the Cornell Sun, though, it does not seem to have any $5 margs, and that is unfortunate indeed.

Adventures in long-form journalism: This Buzzfeed article from a few weeks ago looks at online attacks against doctors and their records.

Actually useful: Need to actually get something written? Have a kitten!

How to food: Matzo pizza, by Martha Stewart.

Quizzes and games: Match your Briggs-Myers personality type to different Disney characters

The end: There’s a video series on the intertubes that imagine alternate endings for different movies—how they should have ended, as it were. Here is the video for “Frozen.”



Spectrum | Apr 16 6:56 pm EST
winter never ends

Well, it snowed last night

As many of you might have noticed if you were outside, last night was terrible. Even if you were less foolhardy and did not leave your Netflix problem set, this morning you still might have found evidence of last night’s woe as you slipped on your icy trek out of Noco or into Pupin. Or as ice started falling off of Noco around 1 p.m.

Hopefully this was the last wheezy cough of winter, and hopefully everything’s warm and melty now, but after the jump there are some pictures of cars with snow on them as well as other things that are as sad as snow in April, the cruelest of months.

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Opinion | Apr 16 1:57 pm EST

The right time-management formula


As Columbians, we love to discuss how much work we have. Our initial aim of doing this is probably to relieve stress—it’s not good to keep things bottled up. But honestly, we should all abandon this habit because talking about it just causes even more stress.

What we should really talk about is how we deal with getting our work done. What is the secret to productivity? I’m still searching for the perfect formula that will allow me to complete the most work in the least amount of time.

I’ve done a few experiments to try to find an answer. Basically, I threw a bunch of stuff into a beaker and observed the results. Some of my experiments did not turn out too well. For example, my initial hypothesis was tevolved around the equation F = ma; F for productivity, m for amount of work, and a for caffeine intake. But there was an unknown factor I wasn’t considering—we all need sleep. More »



News | Apr 16 11:52 am EST

Sexual assault town hall today at 12 p.m.

The undergraduate deans just sent an email out this morning reminding us of the second University Senate Town Hall on Gender-Based Misconduct and Sexual Assault, happening today from 12 to 1:30 p.m. (less than 15 minutes) in 309 Havemeyer.

The first town hall, held before spring break, drew a packed crowd. Read our recap here.

The email also mentioned a series of steps the University will be taking to address concerns about sexual assault policy at Columbia, many of which were announced throughout the past semester.

Read the full email after the jump:

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Spectrum | Apr 16 9:48 am EST
wake up call

Sexual misconduct townhall, Wawa, and baseball

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning! It was snowing last night, in case you missed it. It’s sunny right now, though, but the temperature is somewhere in the 30s or 40s. We are in the middle of an exciting April.

In Columbia news:

  • Twelve first-years were selected for the Presidential Global Fellowship program, which will allow them to intern and study in different countries this summer.
  • Spec interviews the costume designer for an upcoming play, “Passing Strange,” which opens April 24.
  • The baseball team, currently on an eight-game winning streak, will play against St. John’s today at 3:30 p.m.
File Photo

Outside the bubble:

  • Today is the celebration for Wawa’s 50th anniversary! There will  be free coffee, in lands touched by the convenience store’s warm bosom. Which apparently reaches only as far as Elizabeth, N.J.
  • As part of a terrorist campaign in northeast Nigeria, 100 to 200 girls were taken at gunpoint from their boarding school yesterday.
  • Almost 2000 flights have been canceled or delayed today due to the inclement weather New Yorkers and others on the east coast are being treated to.

The Town Hall on Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct is also today from 12 to 1:30 p.m. in 309 Havemayer. You can submit questions here or at the town hall itself for the opportunity for administrators to listen to your stories and queries directly.



Spectrum | Apr 16 1:11 am EST

Downside, more Facebook updates…upside, an app for housemate troubles

It’s late. You’re up. You know the drill. Whether you’re dancing in the rain or shivering angrily in your bed due to the recent twist in weather, you might need to catch up on some things that happened today in the world of social media.

Reality check: Amongst other recent Facebook-related news headlines, soon mobile app users will no longer be able to text or message through the core app. Downloading the separate Messenger app (an often ignored, side-eyed feature of the social media app world) will be soon be required in order to contact Facebook friends from your phone.

This day in Spec history: If you haven’t figured it out already, I do love poking fun at old Spec ads. On this day 50 years ago, we witness a rare form of John Jay Dining Hall not recognizable today: they’re acting like JJ’s, but with even more evil packed in a basket. Two hamburgers? Imagine what that would do to the poor tempted late-nighters. When was postprandial somnolence first studied, again?


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News | Apr 15 10:47 pm EST

This week in GSSC: Open council positions and food trucks

File photo
Did you miss the General Studies Student Council meeting on Tuesday night? Council correspondent Stephanie Frescas brings you five things you need to know:
  1. Not too late: GSSC President Hannah Germond, GS ’16, announced that the council will appoint members to the three remaining executive board positions—VP finance, VP communications, and VP student events—beginning tomorrow, April 16. No candidates ran for these positions during the class council elections earlier this month. Interested students can throw their name into consideration for up to a week.
  2. Get your tickets: VP of Communications Cole Cademartori, GS ’16 reminded the council that ticket sales for the GS Gala will close on Friday, April 18.
  3. Nonprofit discussion: Cademartori also announced an upcoming discussion panel, co-sponsored by GSSC, on being a good board member, with several speakers from nonprofit organizations in New York. The event will be held April 21 at 6:30 p.m. in Lerner 568.
  4. Food trucks: The council passed a budget to get a food truck in front of Lewisohn to celebrate the last day of classes.
  5. Senior Class President JJ Rivera put forward a proposal to buy business portfolios engraved with the GS logo. The portfolios will be given to anyone who donates a minimum of $10 to the GS Senior fund.

A&E | Apr 15 1:10 pm EST

Your guide to procrastination: Free, addicting apps for the final stretch

themilliondollariphone / tumblr

The days of “Flappy Bird” are long gone, but with finals season inching nearer every day, there grows a new thirst for procrastination (I’m lookin’ at you, senioritis). Nothing is better for procrastination than simple, free games on your phone, so we’ve compiled some choices for you to try.

You could easily fool yourself into thinking you’re studying while playing “QuizUp.” The game features rounds of multiple choice trivia battles with people from all around the world in any category imaginable—from “Harry Potter” to microbiology. The one with the most points wins and gains a rank. It’s simple, addictive, and almost like studying if you compete in the category that matches up with your class, so there’s much less guilt involved.

Yeah, you heard me. You can get “Pokemon” on your iPhone (and maybe Android? Some Android user confirm in the comments!) for free without jailbreaking or doing anything too illegal. In Safari on your iPhone, go to gba4iosapp.com/download. BUT before you install, change the date on your iPhone to any time before February 14, 2014. As long as you don’t avidly use the calendar app on your phone, this is super easy. Alternatively, you can change the date back after the game is downloaded, and just turn it back a year every time you want to play “Pokemon.” You’re welcome.

Or any other shopping app. Online shopping is already a fantastic procrastination tool, whether you actually buy anything or not, but if you feel guilty/embarrassed when people see you online shopping in Butler, there’s no better place to do it than on your phone.

Another quasi-guilt-free app to get lost in, “DuoLingo” can help teach you any number of languages. The app’s design is fun and the exercises are both effective and entertaining, so much so that it’s easy to get lost in learning Spanish verb conjugations even if you’re majoring in Russian. It’s not technically procrastinating if you’re still learning, right?

Free App a Day
Or, if none of the apps on this list are to your liking, just download “Free App a Day” or simply keep your eye out for special promotions of free games. There’s always something you can nab for free!


News | Apr 15 10:57 am EST

This week in ESC: Course evaluations and global programs

File photo

Did you miss this week’s Engineering Student Council Meeting? Council correspondent Rana Hilal brings you the five things you need to know:

  1. Come together: ESC unanimously passed the Columbia University Family Support Network’s resolution to eliminate the disparity  in child care benefits provided to graduate and undergraduate students. CCSC passed the resolution at their meeting on Sunday and GSSC passed the resolution in March.
  2. Evaluations are coming: Vice Dean for academic programs Soulaymane Kachani announced that course evaluations will be opened up to the student body at the end of the semester and will be accessible with a UNI and password login from the Columbia Directory of Classes. The department heads of various schools will decide whether they want to opt in to the program.
  3. Engineers around the world: In collaboration with the Beijing Global Center, Columbia is working on creating more summer programs for engineers such as a 50-50 Mandarin language program and internship opportunity—the first of its kind beginning next year.
  4. Town hall: The University Senate will be hosting another town hall on sexual assault policy on Wednesday in 309 Havermeyer from 12:00 to 1:30PM.
  5. Online courses: The U.S. News & World Report ranked SEAS number one in the US for the best online graduate engineering program. Vice Dean Kachani, who was recently appointed the Special Assistant to the Provost on online education, talked about how to best utilize classroom time by posting non interactive lectures online, thus leaving time for more interactive classes.

Spectrum | Apr 15 10:05 am EST

Blood moons and Google Glass for all

Illustration by Karl Daum

Good morning, Columbia! Looks like we can drag out fans out once again, as the temperature is going nowhere but up as of late. Today’s temperatures will be as high as 62, but there will likely be some warm spring showers and thunder at some point during the day. The skies will clear up later tonight, settling in the cool 30s.

In Columbia news:

  • Seated right next to Insomnia Cookies, the newest restaurant on Amsterdam brings about a few insightful student reviews. Having opened just on Friday, Pita Grill offers a wide variety of food options.
  • Sarina Bhandari, CC ’14, discusses how the Columbia bureaucracy has fueled many positive, powerful student initiatives over the years in spite of its internal issues.
  • 4chan founder Christopher Poole held an informal discussion last night in Lerner Hall to an audience primarily comprised of computer science majors. He  fielded questions about his popular image board, startup businesses, and internet anonymity.
Jing Qu / Senior Staff Photographer

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